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    Shinkai Collection Bluray Steelbook

    This was hinted at a few month ago but I haven't heard anything more since. Does anyone know if it's still happening?
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    Amazon to alter pricing policy for traders

    Story. Not sure what if any impact this will have on prices but hopefully they will reduce.
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    You Know When ....

    They say you can tell your age from the Cadbury's Flake girl you remember but this does the same job :) You know...
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    From up on Poppy Hill

    This showed up on the BBFC site today. Link which shows a, probably provisional, release date of 09/08/2013. I hadn't heard it had been announced but I probably just missed it. Anyway a new Ghibli release is always welcome :)
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    ChaosHead & Stein's Gate

    I have ChaosHead and plan to watch it fairly soon but I've heard there's a link between it and Stein's Gate which is out later this year so I could wait for that if needed. So, without spoilers please, is there a link and if so which should be watched first or doesn't it matter? Thanks
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    Film4 - Studio Ghibli Season 26th March - 13th April 2013

    As the title says. Link I'd guess most here have seen them but it's notable that they're showing everything from The Little Norse Prince up to Arrietty. Couldn't see a TV anime thread. If there is one then please move as needed.
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    I'm another refugee washed up from the soon to close Neo forum so just saying hello to all the members here and the people I already know who have also moved across.