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    Jeez a few more people here every time I visit

    Ok I have a full schedule and its been like 10 months since my last appearance... but this place seems to have got a LOT fuller than last time I popped my head out of my hole. Well anyways good to see UK Anime is getting the followers, perhaps soon the market will realise this too :)...
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    Rant time....Naruto style

    Not a large rant, just want a few other opinions. What is it with naruto I find it mind numbingly boring and way too aimed towards kids. Yet yesterday at the London Expo everybody and their great uncles were out in Naruto cosplay with those headbands on. Is it me just being weird and not...
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    I once again set foot on the AnimeUKNews forums

    Im here no need to scream ladies haha.... Just thaught id say hi to those who dont know me and hey hey to those who do.
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    Just an idea

    Just a quick er request/question. There is a now pretty bugless and nice RPG mod for PhPBB. Now to liven things up in the forums even more would you consider installing it paul? Its not hard to install if you have some knowlage of PhPBB which im sure you do. And Its just another cool feature we...
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    Ran Online is a Japanese Campus based MMORPG thats just hit open BETA and not before time :) It will always be free and looks ace *drewl* Get it :) u wont Regret it
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    The Yukiness

    Hey Well my yuki cosplay is finished 100% now. I just need to grow my hair longer and im going to dye it grey so I can do both yuki and vicious without a problem + grey hair is cool. I do have some purple contact lenses but I didnt put them in for this picture as they hurt to get in and out...
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    Ill intorduce myself

    Im Frank aka ZAFF im from sunny Rotherham (near sheffield) im 18 and im in college at this moment in time bored out of my mind.