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  1. IdiomaticLynx

    Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) Episode 21

    We see how Satoko gains her looping powers and we also learn that she is, or rather will become, someone we all know from Umineko: On a more positive note, I quite like the new ED 😅
  2. IdiomaticLynx

    Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) Episode 19

    Not wanting to sound to negative each episode, I'll start with a positive. It's a nice change of pace seeing events that take place after 1983. This arc thus far has clearly been focussed on showing the motive of Satoko. It might just be me, but the show does a very poor job of it. In a way...
  3. IdiomaticLynx

    Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) Episode 17

    Seeing as no thread was created for this episode, I took the liberty to do so now. Now I am curious what others thought of the episode, as I really needed some time sorting out my thoughts. This is the first episode that really provided some answers, and while I really wanted to like it, this is...
  4. IdiomaticLynx

    Hello world

    Good evening, I have been lurking for quite some time now and thought it would be time to finally sign up. While not a UK citizen, a large part of my DVD and Bluray collection consists of UK editions. I have been watching anime for over 3 years now and buying physical releases for roughly 2...