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  1. DragonBlaze67

    Dragon's Anime Sale

    All prices don't include UK postage so the cost will be determined during PM. Happy to provide pictures, just ask :) Open to offers and trades. No slips are included unless stated. Anime: UK Blu-rays (Region B): 009 Re: Cyborg CE (New) - £5 Akira - £3 Birthday Wonderland CE (New) - £12 Captain...
  2. DragonBlaze67

    Slice of Life recommendations

    I'm looking for some recommendations of Slice of Life shows, ideally with a dub and available on DVD/Blu-ray. I like to watch slice of life/comedy series inbetween other genre series and i haven't got many left in my backlog to watch, just Mysterious Girlfriend X and Watamote. K-On is one of my...
  3. DragonBlaze67

    Selling some Anime DVDs & Blu-rays - More added 17/12/15

    Got some Anime DVDs/Blu-rays to sell, Prices aren't set in stone so feel free to make offers if you think i've priced them too high. Postage is not included. Payment to be made via Paypal Gift/Friends & Family. PM if you're interested in anything :) Anime: UK Blu-rays: Fairy Tail Part 7 (Discs...
  4. DragonBlaze67

    One Piece Pirate Warriors

    Has anyone played this? If so is it any good and would you recommend it? Also do you have to be upto a certain point with the anime to not have anything spoiled? I've only watched the first 150 or so eps of One Piece so far, too many episodes to watch around the same time :lol: Reason i ask...
  5. DragonBlaze67

    Question about SAVE editions

    I've got a few 1st seasons of anime on blu-ray where the 2nd season is cheaper to get as the SAVE edition like Tsubasa and Strike Witches and i was wondering if the SAVE editions have reversible covers so they match up alright with the original releases of the 1st season.
  6. DragonBlaze67

    Dragon's Anime Clearout - Updated 14/12/14

    All are in excellent condition and most likely only watched once (if at all). All are Region 2/UK unless stated. R1 = Region 1. Pics can be added on request. Feel free to make an offer on anything, need to clearout all of this. I'd be open to trades too. DVD Disc Only's (Region 1 unless...