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    Air and Kanon coming to UK?

    It's been posted on the Anime on DVD forums, that ADV Films Germany has mentioned that even though they have no plans to release Air and Kanon, ADV UK is planning to release both series. If true, it would mark a welcome departure from the norm from ADV.
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    What would make a good dub...?

    As a sort of opposite to the "I watch subs because..." post, but at the same time an open question to those who do prefer subs. What do you like about dubs? -or- What would make a good dub? How could the US anime dubbing industry improve? Bear in mind, comments such as "I hate dubs, no...
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    Monthly UK DVD Awards - August Poll

    Head on over to Anime On DVD to vote for your best DVD release of August. f it's successful, I'll be continuing with polls like this every month starting on the first sunday of each month. Polling closes on October 2nd at 6pm, so get your votes in.