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    Figures for sell

    Hi guys, unfortunately due to conditions out of my control i am forced to sell off the majority of my Figure Collection. Have a look if you're interested Below are figures whose Boxes have not been opened so still pretty much new 1. - £75 - Sword Art...
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    K-On Bluray to be delayed till 1st quarter 2012 According to twitter but i do wonder what the reasons are for this!
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    Sentai add Angel Beats! to their lineup ... y-tv-anime Really looking forward to this since its another top notch show from Key!
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    K-On! manga to resume in Spring ... his-spring Dont know what to make of it but i hope it will follow their college years...that should be fun :)
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    New Type-Moon & Ufotable project is....

    An anime adaption of the Fate/Zero novels :D. Cant wait for this as it should be extremely good after Ufotables excellent Kara no Kyoukai films. Also unlike FS/N, this should be more of a adult series! ... gets-anime
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    750,000 Anime DVDs & Blu-rays sold in the UK during 2010

    at least according to Manga Entertainment I would take that as a good number? And thats considering its all the manga/mvm/beez titles sold altogether
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    2nd Season of To Aru Majutsu no Index Announced ... -green-lit Cant wait for this! Huge fan of the 1st season of Index aswell as the Prequel Railgun. I wouldnt be surprised if this was once again a Autumn release :)
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    How do you Otaku-lise your room?

    I thought this might be an interesting topic so i'll start first ;) Anyway, the point of the post is to show off your "otaku" collection, posting pics would make it more awesome :) Anyway, i'll start with pics from my anime/manga collections: ^ Here is my boxset/manga collection thus...
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    ADV Films shuts down? ... -companies Thats a real shame, wonder what effect it will have on ADV UK?
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    Fate/Stay Night Movie announced

    Here is the website, you can find the article on Sankaku Personally i cant wait since Fate/Stay Night is one of my favourite Type-Moon projects (Ahead of Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai)
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    New ADV licenses released through Sentai Filmworks

    Quote from Animenewsnetwork Im definately looking forward to Clannad - After Story and certainly He Is My Master too (i quite liked the animation for that series) I dont know too much about the other 3. Hopefully we can see some of them released in the UK... (i can only wish though!)
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    Should be of interest to those who play Eroges

    Looks like we are going to see some major titles come over to the west, and its about time too! ... sh-release MangaGamer also has some good titles like Shuffle, Koihime Musou, Da Capo II and Higurashi When They Cry coming over to the west! [Edit]...
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    Darker than Black & Claymore

    I see they have been delayed yet again :(, i wonder if there is any point in pre-ordering anymore considering thats the 3rd time its been delayed from Jan to may and now to June & August. Claymore has gone from i believe 18th May to June 8th...
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    What site would you recommend buying Manga from?

    Heya, as the topic title says, which is the best place to buy Manga from online? I've used Anime-on-line before but they tend to take a long time getting in stock (2 weeks is a bit much...) and they like to charge £1 for shipping on each one aswell. So basically, if you're buying manga...
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    My name is Chris and im 23. Been into anime since the start of the year, have to blame Bleach for that!. I enjoy all sorts of different anime but i do enjoy my action and fantasy anime the most. Hope to get along with you all :) Cheers!