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  1. Mr L

    My Hero Academia - Episode 54

    In many ways this is reminding me of both the USJ and Sports festival arcs. Our characters are split up and must compete in a min lethal challenge. Some more great demonstrations on how Class 1A have evolved their abilities. When I first found out on Twitter that Brittney Karbowski was voicing...
  2. Mr L

    One Punch Man rumoured to be delayed until Winter 2020 (UPDATE: Now April 2019)

    Article here 'One Punch Man' Rumored Season 2 Release Date Surfaces That's an e run bigger delay than Attack on Titan's second season. So if its Winter 2020 in Japan then that will probably mean a mid-2022 release for us! Only four years to go guys! UPDATE Now April 2019! Link
  3. Mr L

    My review of Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    NOTE: MINOR SPOILERS, no major plot developments will be mentioned in the review itself but all posts below are free for all. I will even post some spoiler thoughts in a post afterwards. Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory review (English d.ub) Well this season was a long time coming, I myself...
  4. Mr L

    My Hero Academia Episode 53

    We have the prelude to the start of the license exam and learn a bit about U A's rival school 'Shiketsu High'. Another positive moment for Bakugo, demonstrating his perceptiveness with the overly-friendly Shiketsu student. That (wrecked looking) announcer really didn't sell heroes too well...
  5. Mr L

    Clip from new Rooster Teeth series 'gen:LOCK' featuring David Tennant and Monica Rial

    Rooster Teeth have released a clip from their upcoming series 'gen:LOCK' that will start next year. Watch here. The. Animation looks like a step up from RWBY which should he a given if they're involving the likes of 'David Tennant' and 'Michael B Jordan'. I always want to support projects...
  6. Mr L

    Anyone remember the Sonic OVA (The Movie)?

    I felt compelled to talk about this OVA after seeing it featured on the Nostalgia Critic's latest video. It was produced by Pierrot, known these days for Tokyo Ghoul and Black Clover, and released in 1999 in the west by ADV. I watched this quite a few times as I tended it get a lot of use out...
  7. Mr L

    Magical Girl Raising Project episode 1

    Out of sheer curiosity I checked this out due to sheer curiosity. First question... Ie this a 'Madoka Magica' rip off? Or is it deliberately misleading me? I got q real Qube give of that mascot creature. It's competently animated and the magical girls all have pretty unique designs, more than...
  8. Mr L

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Episode 9

    Wow... Tessa does something! I know, the olan doesn't ultimately work out but it was solid enough for what it was and Mythril came better than the enemy. Her foul mouthed tirade was unexpected but brilliant to hear. This episode certainly justify her position on this show. It did make me...
  9. Mr L

    My Hero Academia episode 51

    Definitely a lighter episode to cool down from all of the heavier stuff recentl. The animators certainly took a breathe, not that I'm criticising, it was a slice of life episode so it didn't the highest amount of budget. Seeing the rooms was fun and interesting even two of my favourites, Tsuyu...
  10. Mr L

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory episode 8

    Seeing as this week's (dub) episode was another recap (again for only four episodes!) I thought I'd put up something for last weeks episode. This season is shaping up to be my favourite season of the 'main story' seasons. Having Nami killed is a pretty bold statement, few shows are willing to...
  11. Mr L

    Viz gets One Punch Man season 2 rights... except not here.

    North America, Latin America, Oceania... Not us... because of course not. My cynical guess is that we hear nothing for over a year and it'll suddenly be on Netflix out of the blue. 'One Punch Man' Season 2 Rights Secured by Viz Media