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  1. cyborg 002

    Basquash Is Censored!

    I have just finished Basquash relased by Maiden Japan on BD. Episode 4 wich have Dan's foot wedged in between Haruka Gracia's ample bosom have been edited. Here is the uncut clip. It should be very obvious by now to everyone that the screen have been panned/moved to the side so we don't get...
  2. cyborg 002

    ID This Anime Please?

    It's an anime clip from youtube I checked out quite some time ago, but I ofcourse don't remember the title. Here is what I do remember. A teenage boy comes home, he then goes to the bathroom, he opens the door, there is a naked girl in the bathroom dressing or undressing they both freeze...
  3. cyborg 002

    Shirow 1000 Editions Posters and Vegeta

    I am sorting out what posters to keep. I don't have them hanging on my walls. I bought them years ago, and considering I have no plans on buying frames and actualy hang them up.I may aswell sell them and fund my future purchases and or save up some more for my new TV. I have four 1000 Editions...
  4. cyborg 002

    Deep Discount

    I have a friend in the UK, he got hit by customs ordering from DD. The package was sent with DHL. He never got hit by customs before. I promised him to ask here about this, because I know some people on here use DD. So please do tell. What do you guys do to avoid getting hit by customs? Does...
  5. cyborg 002

    Gangsta Manga?

    How good is the Gangsta manga compared to the anime? I was very entertained by the Gangsta anime ,but the ending had "To be continued" written all over it. So I am wondering if the manga has more story and a more definitive ending?
  6. cyborg 002

    WTS: Berserk Box Of War

    Berserk Box Of War 105£ + shipping free image image hosting image sharing print screen windows
  7. cyborg 002


    Akira Club hardcover released by Dark Horse English text 35£ + shipping
  8. cyborg 002

    Anime DVD

    Ruin Explorers DVD reg 1 5£ + shipping Shamanic Princess DVD reg1 5 + shipping Gatchaman box set vol 1-9 the reg 1 ADV release with Alex Ross designs. Make an offer for all 9 boxes. click image upload
  9. cyborg 002

    PS1 and PS2 Games

    PS1 Suikoden 70£ + shipping PS2 King Of Fighters XI 10£ + shipping Samirai Showdown 5 15£ + shipping
  10. cyborg 002

    Fist Of The Northstar Master Edition

  11. cyborg 002

    Cyborg 002 Is Still Here!

    I could not log in. So I had to register again.
  12. cyborg 002

    Anime Character ID Please

    I was browsing for some stuff and this came up. I am interested in knowing what anime the female character with the cleavage and purple outfit to the far left is from, if you know, please tell? uploading pictures
  13. cyborg 002

    Shamanic Princess DVD Difference?

    Is there any difference in the Shamanic Princess DVD releases? I have this version. image upload I am wondering if the version with this cover is better? imgupload
  14. cyborg 002

    Want To Trade

    I have anime and games I want to trade for other anime. Everything is as new Have Ruin Explorers DVD region 1 ADV Guilty Gear X2 PAL PS2 Quake III Revolution PAL PS2 Street Fighter Anniversary Collection NTSC PS2 Street Fighter IV Arcade PAL Xbox 360 Want Anything anime as long as it is as...
  15. cyborg 002

    Ebay Purchase Gone Wrong

    I don't use ebay that often. When I do I have had many good experiences. I only use it as a buyer. I have 75 positive feedback and no negatives. I was after Fencer Of Minerva vol 2. I managed to get a "Brand new" DVD from a seller but when I recieved the DVD, there was a huge knife cut down the...
  16. cyborg 002

    Nes Mario Bros Worth?

    I was checking ebay for Mario Bros for Nes. I was interested to know what they were going for, since I want to sell my Mario Bros. This came up. ... 7675.l2557 It sold for over 87£ Granted is also have the cardvorard box. I have the same game without...
  17. cyborg 002

    Anime Limited's Gurren Laggan On Bluray

    Does anyone remember what episodes on the Bluray that are spliced together with the DVD material? I have not bought Gurren Laggan ob Bluray yet. Is the DVD material on the bluray noticable?
  18. cyborg 002

    WTB Code Geass Bluray

    I have a hard time locating Code Geass season 1 on Bluray released by Kaze. I want to buy.
  19. cyborg 002

    Want To Trade Art Books

    I am interested in trading these for DVD or Blurays. Please PM me if there is anything that interests you. The Ark II Lineage japanese text Katsuya Tarada Zenbu japanese text Monkey King vol 1 Katsuya Tarada released by Dark Horse english text Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon vol 1-4 full...
  20. cyborg 002

    WTB: Kit Uncut DVD

    I want to buy Kite Uncut DVD. I am hoping someone here is tired of there DVD so I don't have to buy one from overseas and pay custom fees.