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  1. Luna

    Name an Anime, Get an Anime.

    I once saw this on MAL which in turn was inspired by some Humminbird thread, if I remember correctly. I just remembered this out of nowhere and felt like it again. The rules are pretty simple: - User names the user above an Anime he/she hasn't seen yet. - User gets one named from the next...
  2. Luna

    Luna’s Adventures in English

    How do you call this best in English? Like you have an assembly of keys, your house key, your basement cellar key, your bicycle key, etc. chained together with these keyrings. Key ring with keys? Bunch of keys? Batch of keys? Key bundle? Like, you have this bundle somewhere in your room...
  3. Luna

    Your Collection Protection Gear

    I think I saw some discussion about that in the What have you bought today Photos thread, figured might be worth it's own thread. I have two closets with doors, which holds my anime collection and keeps (most of) the dust out. Those have just burst this week and I am currently trying to figure...
  4. Luna

    Luna's Search & Sale pile

    NOTE: Desktop view is suggested for easier reading NOTE: I live at the Swiss/German border, but I know somebody in the UK, with whom I quite regularly exchange packages. So shipping should be not the biggest dealbreaker, since things from me can be shipped from the UK (with a bit of patience)...
  5. Luna

    Greetings from Germany

    I come here via NormanicGrav's blog, whose unboxing posts I had been following for a while. It just somehow all of sudden occured to me to google the "Anime UK News forum" he mentions on his blog. So I wound up here. Being a rather notorious Anime shopper, the Anime Industry section quickly had...