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    Amecon 2010

    This has been doing the rounds on other sites, but couldn't see a link here (unless I missed it :P). Amecon will be running no 13-15 August at Keele University: Registration doesn't open until the 15th Feb. I'm undecided tbh, but thought it might be of interest to a...
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    My webcomic - Japanofail

    I've been working on a little webcomic for the last few months after a couple years of doing nothing. Each update is a seperate 4-koma joke thingy, so if you don't like one keep going as the next one will be completely different! ^_^
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    Death Note on, as well as Ex Machina, Lupin the 3rd

    Death Note anime out in April? Found this just now: ... oduct.html The theme for the net London Expo is set so I'm expecting to see L cosplayers as far as the eye can see!
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    Tekkonkinkreet for an Oscar?

    Spotted this story about the animated films going up for Oscar nominations: ... 7f7_1.html It's good that Tekkonkinkreet is being given a shot at it, but there's only 3 spots for a nomination. Reckon it'll be Ratatouille, Shrek and Simpsons nominated...
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    Next UK Naruto set out in May!

    Found on here: ... Label=A315 Can't wait, this is where things really start to pick up! :D (Few other new titles are listed there as well including the Highlander anime)
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    Noob in the house!

    Just thought I'd say hi to everyone! I've only been online for a couple of months, so I'm not the best with the internet... I've been an anime-head for a while now, so I should be able to contribute to some of the chat that goes on. Cheers, see you guys around!