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  1. Y-San

    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    Violent Evergarden is July 1st now. Tickets on Vue/Odeon
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    General Politics Thread

    hello? based department?
  3. Y-San

    General Politics Thread

    I mean Thatcher's greatest triumph was remolding the left in her image, no? So I guess it stands to reason that those most subservient to international capital begin to assimilate the cultural values of the elites too. I think sometimes when push comes to shove, you can't be too picky about...
  4. Y-San

    Selling anime things

    Final few items. Cleared out almost everything I could consider clearing out now.
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    General Politics Thread

    As someone who said for the past year or two that trying to overturn the referendum was a mistake, tonight I am vindicated. I sympathise with ex-Labour voters in the north though. Why shouldn't you get the thing you vote for? In any other circumstance, when you vote and happen to be on the...
  6. Y-San

    Selling anime things

    Added a few last things. Thanks for looking. : )
  7. Y-San

    Selling anime things

    Added Kan-Colle Kongo 1/8 figure and Gertrud Barkhorn 1/8 figure
  8. Y-San

    Selling anime things

    Manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders - Complete Series (Vol 1-16) Pop Team Epic Vol 1 Land of the Lustrous Vol 1 Manga in Theory and Practice...
  9. Y-San

    SLA Edinburgh 2019 Line-up

    Clearly you see the mystery film in Glasgow! UwU Any hints as to what you think it is?
  10. Y-San

    SLA Edinburgh 2019 Line-up

    Hana & Alice is comfy. idk if I'd go out my way to see it again but if you're in Edinburgh anyway, it's probably worthwhile. Lack of Kyo-ani is disappointing. Still no Sound Eupho/Liz & Bluebird?
  11. Y-San

    anime sale

    How much for Hana & Alice?
  12. Y-San

    Selling things (Updated with new items)

    Anime: House of Five Leaves - DVD (Beez) : House Of Five Leaves (UK Anime DVD, 2011, 3-Disc Set) | eBay In this Corner of the World (DVD): In This Corner of the World [DVD] | eBay Manga: My Lesbian Experiences with Loneliness: My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness manga by Kabi Nagata...
  13. Y-San

    Currency vs Brexit: GBP Losses

    You realise that the members booted from the shadow cabinet are obliged to "collective responsbility", whether or not Corbyn personally wants to remove them, he is still obliged to or otherwise undermine his own authority (the PLP hasn't changed their mind of him, only, they've laid down arms...
  14. Y-San

    Your viewing journal

    I suppose it would ruin our fun, yes. tbf, I believe the epithet was coined as a parody of the labeling used by unappreciative parents.
  15. Y-San

    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    Dodax are fine. Their biggest crime is that they're probably tax avoiders (hence being based out Switzerland for business purposes), downside is that your package will take like 14 days.
  16. Y-San

    Figure discussion/picture thread

    Elphelt looks pretty nice. I'm assuming it's a goodsmile release or something?
  17. Y-San

    Currency vs Brexit: GBP Losses

    I hate to say this but I think a overturning of brexit is off the cards. Lib Dems tried that game and it didn't work out so well for them, most of the remain vote went to Labour instead of the Lib Dems (who, if you remember wanted a 2nd referendum, so we could try and remain). Also, most Labour...
  18. Y-San

    Currency vs Brexit: GBP Losses

    You have to look at the upside, assuming the liberal Tories don't rebel on Tuesday's Queen's Speech, the Tories will be left with a working majority of 6. If you're familiar with minority governments, you'll appreciate that they are relatively inept and struggle to achieve much. Now, combine...
  19. Y-San

    A Naruto ending relationship discussion (fan shipping opinions)

    I think this guy is onto something tbh. Especially in a show where power levels are relevant (reflective of our own coming struggles, in which, emphasis will be placed upon the individual's capabilities, as the state no longer exists to bolster them). Breeding a ninja that surpasses all others...