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    Medievil 2: Total War

    Anyone else got this game? Looked awesome, I started it today, but it doesn't run smoothly on my computer at all. Now I'm no expert when it comes to computer specs, but I seem to have all the minimum/recommended specifications (I'll post them and mine later). It's even very laggy on the lowest...
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    Anyone watch this? I think it's great, the plot is awesome, the story is so character driven, and there are shocks, twists, and turns aplenty. Atm I'm playing catchup, watching series 2 part 1, so don't spoil any for me :P
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    Rapture TV ads

    No doubt you've all noticed this but whenever I watch Rapture TV, the only ads I ever really see, apart from ads for Rapture's shows, seem to be ads for: 1. Some sort of video game 2. Magazines - anime and games 3. OXY pads (spot clearing tissue things) Geez I wonder what they think of...
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    Celebrity Big Brother 2006

    Anyone watchin this years celebrity big brother ? I am, and it rawks ^_^. Anyone who is watching it, who do you want to win ? I say Pete, he's funny lol
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    What's your favourite Japanese (non animated) film?

    I know this is like the fav film question on your profile lol but this is for favourite Japanese film, mine is maybe Ju On-the Grudge (cant wait for 2nd one to reach english shores ^^). Also what do you all think about Japanese films? They seem to be growing more and more popular, as more and...
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    Elfan Lied

    Hey all, my friend recently told me about an anime show called Elfan Lied and sent me a clip of it, and in the clip it was the probably the most gory piece of anime I have seen lol. I looked around on the net for it and it's supposed to be really violent, I'll have to look out for it and try to...
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    Shenmue 3

    Arrrrgh, I'm so frustrated, I'm a fan of Shenmue, and Shenmue 2 is one of the geatest games I have ever played. I have waited so long for news about whether they are definetely going to/not going to make Shenmue 3 and carry on the story. Apparently it cost a bomb to make the Shenmue games but...
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    What does everyone think of dubbing ? I know some people hate it but i dontreally mind it unless its really bad, and when they kept changing the voices on dbz, that p'd me off lol. It is nice to see shows shown in the language it was originally shown in but dubbing does stop you reading all...
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    hi ^^

    hey im fowler, and im new. I love anime, especially cowboy bebop, and my all time fav, dragonball z lol. Like all you lot i'm desperate for a channel on TV devoted to anime cos im so jealous of them americans =P