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    New Thundercats cartoon to be animated by Studio 4°C

    I love Thundercats and I love Studio 4°C, really hope this turns out to be as great as I imagine!
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    Not been in here in awhile again but thought some people might want to know about the latest US shows to be cancelled (if they didn't know already since most were announced last week). Heroes: So glad I don't have to force myself to watch a 5th season of what has become garbage...
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    Naruto Shounen Hen aka Studio Pierrot does AMVs

    Don't know if anyone else has posted about this, I only just found out Naruto was being reaired in Japan with new OP/EDs for it's 10th anniversary (new EDs apparently being old Shippuuden songs). <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie"...
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    Damn you Fox!!!!

    Just found out they went and cancelled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles which I think is a very stupid thing to do after season 2 was so much better than the 9 ep season 1 and ending it on a huge cliffhanger that will now never be resolved :x I would've thought the release of Terminator...
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    V Remake!!!

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    Who's better? The New Hulk or Luffy? *spoiler warning*

    Saw the trailer for the new Hulk movie last night and the new One Piece manga volume 49 cover today and thought I'd make this post, I'd go with Luffy every time 8)
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    Latest Cowboy Bebop OP Parody aka Watch Akagi & Kaiji

    Didn't know where to put this video I 'found' (saw on a blog and had to repost) and I'm always recommending people watch these 2 great Madhouse animes, they're so different to the usual stuff and I love Fukumoto Nobuyuki's style, though Madhouse make it look a bit nicer :lol...
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    Naruto Shippuuden OP2/ED3

    Here's videos of the new Naruto Shippuuden OP2&ED3. The OP seems to be misisng a few seconds at the start, due to the raw I guess. I think the OP's ok but like the ED alot since the same group did Naruto OP3 and Yakitate Japan ED3. As usual, what's everyone else's opinions?
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    Street Fighter IV!!!!!!!!

    After many versions of Street Fighter II, III, Alpha & EXE Capcom has finally announced Street Fighter IV :D This short teaser looks good but still doesn't confirm if that's what the actual game will be like, I can't wait for more news
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    Bleach Opening 7

    I can't decide on where to post this so making a new thread What're your opinions on the new Bleach OP by Asian Kung-Fu Generation? I think the song's OK but not as good as their other big OP song they did for Naruto and the video is so full of...
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    One Piece Movie 9 1st short clip of the new 9th One Piece movie has appeared, will be a retelling of the Drum Island arc without Vivi but with Robin & Franky added :? I'm hoping it turns out better than movie 8.
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    From the creators of Afro Samurai - The Five Killers From the 1st trailer and news it'll be 12 eps long I'm looking forward to this quite a bit.
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    Some anime for sale

    I have a few things I'm never gonna watch again/don't need if anyone's interested. These are all R2 UK releases. My prefered method of payment is paypal but I'll accept other forms of payment for anything I sell. .hack//Legend of the Twilight #1 (still sealed £7 inc p&p) Naruto Unleashed...
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    Gundam Musou has been named Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

    The DW inspired Gundam Musou will be getting released later this year in the US for PS3 under the new title Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. I was hoping it'd be called Gundam Warriors and not this kinda silly title. I'm hoping this will get a UK release later when I actually own a PS3, been wanting to...
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    New Bleach Movie in Decemeber

    A 2nd Bleach movie has been announced for release in Japan in December. Bleach: Memories of Nobody, the 1st movie, has a DVD release date in September so that's along wait for everyone waiting to see it fansubbed (like my brother).
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    Mobile Suit Gundam 00 in October

    A new Gundam anime named 00 (pronounced double oh like 007) will start airing in Japan in Ocotober after the end of Toward the Terra. The character designs look very much like they're by the creator of Loveless (still has to be confirmed) and aimed to get more female veiwers like Gundam Wing.
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    Devil May Cry

    Just finished watching an early release of DMC ep 1 raw and took a few screencaps. I left out alot of the more gorey ones :lol: . The whole ep reminded me alot of how Gungrave went from being a game to an anime, though I'm not sure of this little girl Dante seems to have to drag around with...
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    First there was Lost, then Heroes, now there's Drive

    Drive is the next big show coming out in the US from Fox, just finished watching the 1st 2 eps and really like it. The story is about an illegal cross country road race for $32,000,000 with lots of weird rules. Everyone has a phone and is given clues to get to the next checkpoint, and you don't...
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    Just finished watching the 50th ep of Gintama raw since I heard it's the best ep so far and had to take some screencaps, hopefully someone will like them :lol: . I'm looking forward to Gintama the Movie - DragonBleaPiece :lol:
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    Bokurano - Who else is looking forward to it?

    I just finished watching this promo video and am wondering who else is looking forward to Bokurano? I've read all of the manga available in english (if you know where to find it) and can't get enough. Really looking forward to more Zearth action and pilots geting killed off :lol: