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  1. ilmaestro

    Most Waifus

    Which show has the most waifus? Shows that have the most male waifus will also be accepted for nomination.
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    The other "place to find all of the anime-related chat which doesn't belong in the other section"

    The forum chat room! Now located on a bar at the very bottom of your page, come along and meet some of the most prestigious members of the community (OK, Arby can't show up so often these days, but still). More seriously, the reworked chat widget is actually quite decent, and once in a while...
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    Prefectural mascot appreciation thread

    I've definitely found a few magazine back issues and individual DVD/BD volumes that I wanted that I couldn't get delivered to the UK despite being FBA. A very low percentage, but they definitely exist. Such allegations. I know that Rui's "special interests" stretch at least as far as...
  4. ilmaestro

    Haibane Renmei Simulwatch

    As foretold in the "Revenge of the Simulwatch!" thread, this starts right here, right now. Unless no-one joins in, or a nucleus of extra people want to join in and start in a few days. Look forward to it.
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    I heard you guys like anime. I thought I'd come see what I have been missing.
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    Magic: The Gathering

    At the request of BW, here is a dedicated MTG thread. I started reading up on MTG just over two months ago, not long before the M13 pre-release, but between work commitments and holidays I've only played in three events - the sealed deck pre-release, one M13 draft, and one Standard FNM this...
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    Western comics

    General "what are you reading" discussion is the intention of this thread, but I would also like to hear people's opinions on the various Western comic companies' approach to digital distribution.
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    Proposed Simulwatch - Mai-HiME

    I mentioned this a little bit ago and some people sounded positive, unfortunately I have rather lazily not posted this thread at any stage in the last ten days or so when I meant to. Since this is going up on Saturday morning and no-one checks the forum over the weekend, I'll tentatively say...
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    Best Anime of 2011

    We know what the site staff think of the year just gone, thanks to that awesome front page article, but what stood out for you guys? I'm going to limit my post to TV shows that aired at least one cour in 2011, but I'm also interested to hear what people liked about DVD releases on either side of...
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    Audiosurf/Beat Hazard/etc

    Figure anyone who didn't have these for a while already should have picked them up in the Steam sale, what anime related songs do you guys play on games like these? /wishes they would re-release Vib Ribbon so he could add it to the title
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    Last Exile "Simulwatch"

    Hello, and welcome to a simulwatch of Last Exile, inspired (as you might guess) by the currently airing sequel Ginyoku no Fam. I realized that since I was struggling not to compare the new series to the impressions of the old one that I have in my head, I should probably go back and rewatch...
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    Because I hate threads that end up with three replies filling up the pages of this subforum. ^^; And also because I am excited about the announcement of an Accel World anime from Sunrise. Kuroyukihime~ They announced an anime for Sword Art Online, too, but I've never quite got around to...
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    To Aru Majutsu no Index movie in development!

    Should be awesome, Index done with an actual budget to do it justice~ Promo image on the main site: More info to come in Dengeki Bunko magazine on the 11th of this month. ^__^
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    Gundam Extreme VS.

    HHHHNNNNNGGGGGG, finally a new game in this series is coming to PS3 rather than PSP. Out December 1st in Japan, couple of links: ... irst_look/ ... ns/?page=1
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    The "Recommend Artists on Pixiv" thread

    I am always on the hunt for new artists to look at, so post up anyone you think is worth a gander, for whatever reason. I will start with a couple of fairly well-known ones for now:
  16. ilmaestro

    Art Books

    I just put in my preorder for huke's first art book, was wondering what other art books people on here have? We see a fair few of them in "for sale" threads, so I know some people are hoarding at least a bit of a collection!
  17. ilmaestro

    Crunchyroll completes Summer lineup with The Idolm@ster...

    ... but, of course, not for the UK. ;_; You had better be on this one, Anime on Demand.
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    Evangelion 3nd Impact

    Never being one to keep up to internet speed with gaming news, I'm just reading about this now, here, here etc. Any thoughts?
  19. ilmaestro

    Laputa and Yamadas BDs hitting Australia in April (scroll down)
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    AUKN's Best of the Decade - Results and Discussion

    Quick links: 10th and 9th 8th and 7th 6th and 5th 4th and 3rd 2nd 1st Extended breakdown -- Without... further... ado... The first movie to make our list, and the first 2010 production, coming in a tie for 9th in the points total list (broken by number of individual votes)...