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    I can't believe nobodys started a topic on it yet :lol: Here goes: I just watched episode 4 and it was truely amazing, in my opinion this is easily the best show of the new season, also It helps with the fact that the music is so fantastic!
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    Shakugan no Shana

    Another new and awesome (imo) show from the new season of anime, after two episodes Its really fantastic, I cant wait for more of it, what does everyone else think?
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    Hell Girl

    Ok, Hell Girl after a week of waiting has finally been subbed and so far its awesome, judging from the preview for the next episode its going to be about different people each week which is a pretty good way to do it so I'll definetly be watching this series. What did everyone else think?
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    Hear this

    This is null and void now, ignore :D
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    Anime Season Autumn 2005

    AUTUMN 2005; THE SEASON OF LOVE (OR LACK OF SUCH) A new season of anime is upon us so here is a guide to what shows to look out for in the upcoming weeks. Akagi ("sports") Animal Yokocho (fantasy) Angel Heart (drama) Black Cat (action) Blood+ (action, horror) Canvas 2 ~Niji Iro no...
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    Case Closed Anyone?

    I just bought the first 2 volumes of Case Closed and I've got to say I was quite impressed, the art looks a bit childish but is still pretty damn good, the mysteries, are kind of imposible to work out but there still good. Anybody else read it?
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    Need some help from some Shojo fans!

    Ok, Im a complete retard when it comes to Shojo, I really dont know where I stand with Shojo, I think the only Shojo series ive ever come in contact with was CCS which I got addicted to on CITV (I know the dub was horrible and it got edited alot but I was young). So with Gollancz (is that...
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    Whats the likelyhood of a UK manga publication?

    Whats the likelyhood of the UK getting there own monthy manga publication, USA and France have them, why not us?
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    Poetry By Ramen89?(Whats the world coming too)Please read :)

    I really dont know why Im doing this because I'll probably just get told its a piece of crap (which it probably is) Ok, just before you read my poems, dont expect anything funny, its drastically the oposite of that. I have no idea why the hell I wrote these poems, just because I was bored I...
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    Zettai Shonen, mmm weirdness

    Only seen the first 2 episodes on fan sub so far but I've gotta say Im loving it, its basically about a kid living with his father for the summer (his parents are separated) in a strange new town where there is lots of strange goings on, not scary strange but weird strange. I think if you like...
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    NHK Anyone?

    Has anyone been reading this, its currently being scanslated because its not licensed, and I don't know why, its so good. Basically its about a guy who has Social Withdrawl Syndrome, hes got no job, no girlfriend, and basically no life, until he discovers his neighbour who drives him mad by...
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    GantZ(Evil Grin)

    GantZ has got to be the most violent most shocking but ultimately the greatest manga I have ever read, steer well clear if your squeemesh though. Anybody else read GantZ here?