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    United Publications Anime Discussion

    Hi, created this thread for general discussion of what seems to be a very popular site around these forums, I actually have a complaint: So I ordered the Future Diary Part 1 LE and the Haganai LE around the 16th of December and they STILL HAVENT GOT THE HAGANAI ONE IN STOCK. I'm...
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    Looking for Ouran Uniform! o(^▽^)o

    Anyone know a website that can sell me a kids Ouran High School uniform? I have found a Honey senpai rabbit plush and I'm already small and have blond hair. KIDS UNIFORM. kids Kids Kids Because I am 12 (almost 13) If it helps I am of 150cm height. All help appreciated! -F
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    Lets hope that 2014 is a brilliant year!
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    Merry Christmas guys. :)

    Just wanted to wish all a very merry Christmas! BUT WAIT...! In my typical fashion, I have some sort of stupid/silly/annoying question to ask the lovely folks here! On the evening of the 16th December, I ordered the LE of Haganai and Future Diary(part one ) from up1, hoping I would get them...
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    Sorry again guys but... I need help.

    If anybody remembers me, i think i was last active about 2 and a half weeks ago. i haven't been online as mother... uh... saw my internet history and im on a month-long computer ban. feel my pain - this is being typed on a f!@king 3ds. that explains my absence and grammar mistakes, now...
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    The Out of Print Anime Blu-ray & DVD Thread

    Its always sad to see DVDs go out of print. I remember getting some Naruto DVDs when I was about 6 and now they are really rare. I have a strange interest for OOP single volume DVDs. Hopefully, by making this thread, I'll be able to see peoples region 2 single volume DVDs from companies like...
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    Nisemonogatari rated 18!?

    So, the Big board of FAT C**TS have done it again. :x :evil: :twisted: Let's complain about the classification of Nisemonogatari! If you disagree with me, that's okay. I just think that this is a little ridiculous. Sigh. Obviously, its okay for Robertas Blood Trail to be rated 15...
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    Preparation and Questions about London MCM in May

    Hello! This is my first big con and I'm really excited. I get £5 pocket money per week, is it worth saving up now so I have tons of money for the expo? How many doujinshi stalls are there, what genres are there and how much do they cost? Is that yaoi man still there? Will I need an over 18...
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    DVD Discussion and Questions

    I'll start of this thread by asking a question first. I'm looking to buy Suzuka. The UK release is in 4 volumes but the US release is in six (except in the box set versions). Do all of the releases have the same amount of episodes? Which version should I buy ( UK single volume release is...
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    'All Your Music' question

    I'm importing 3 anime DVDs tomorrow (Oct 6th) from the US: S.a.v.e. Girls Bravo S.a.v.e. Air S.a.v.e. Jinki:Extend They're coming from Amazon user 'all your music'. Has anyone had experience with this seller? If so, how long did it take for your DVDs to arrive?
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    Unbox your DVDs for the UK to see!

    Here, you can post pictures/videos of you unboxing your anime DVDs! This can include rare DVDs, imported DVDs, DVD boxsets, and limited edition sets. By this, I mean pretty much any type of anime DVDs, :o Have fun unboxing! :D
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    New DVD re-releases vs. their original counterparts

    Many anime series are now being re-released on DVD, mainly because the original publisher went bankrupt or stopped releasing anime (e.g. ADV, Beez). This thread is a discussion about: Comparing the different releases of the series Discussing new re releases And other related stuff. Have fun! :D
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    Childrens Cosplay Ideas

    Really needing fairly cheap, children's cosplay ideas for when I go to conventions. I'm thinking of going as Mitsukuni Haninozuka from Ouran High School, but that seems kind of expensive. Any suggestions? Height=150cm tall Blond hair Large blue eyes
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    Young fan of anime needing advice. (Please answer!)

    So, I'm a very young fan of anime, as I have been since I was about 6 (look at my profile for my age if you have to). When I was about 6 I started watching Full Metal Alchemist and loved it. At age 8 I discovered Lucky Star, age 9 TMoHS, and now, age 12, things like High School of the Dead (yes...
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    BBFC Possible Ratings and Questions

    I'm here to ask for your opinion on a couple of BBFC-related matters. First of all, if Haganai were to get a UK release, what would it's rating be? My guess is 15 for Strong sex references, language, and moderate nudity. Next question. How on EARTH did Elfen Lied pass with a 15 certificate...