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  1. Paul

    Megalo Box episode 13

    Who else watched this series? What did you think? I must admit, I felt a bit... underwhelmed by Megalo Box as a whole. Hajime no Ippo/Fighting Spirit is one of my favourites, so I was bang up for another boxing anime but I never felt like I understood Joe or his reasons for fighting and this...
  2. Paul

    Wolf's Rain Review

    Moving and philosophical, violent and magical, ugly yet beautiful; that is Wolf’s Rain, a story about life, friends, the end of the world and pursuing a dream when everyone else has given up. Continue reading...
  3. Paul

    Embassy of Japan opens 2018's Manga Jiman competition

    A prestigious competition for aspiring UK comic artists with return air tickets to Japan up for grabs. Continue reading...
  4. Paul

    Which anime streaming services are you subscribed to?

    Only a few months ago, I became a paying member at Crunchyroll. I'm now thinking of signing up for Amazon's anime content too, since I'm keen to watch Scum's Wish, but I'm also mindful of Netflix, given Masaaki Yuasa is making Devilman for them soon. It starts to add up. I guess my question is...
  5. Paul

    Review of Miss Hokusai

    <img src=" Hokusai Poster.jpg"> <b>Review of Miss Hokusai by Christophe</b> The story of <em>Miss Hokusai</em> focuses on O-Ei, the daughter of the famous woodblock painter Katsushika Hokusai. O-Ei is notable for being the subject of...
  6. Paul

    Review of Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu

    <b>Review of Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu by Christophe</b> If you&rsquo;ve not heard of Junji Ito, I feel obliged to give you a brief primer on his work. He is a horror manga artist (a genre which we see disappointingly little of here in the west), but to leave it at that would be far too...
  7. Paul

    Review of My Love Story!! #1

    <b>Review of My Love Story!! #1 by Christophe</b> <strong>This is a review of volumes 1 to 3</strong> I&rsquo;ll be the first one to admit it &ndash; I am not <em>My Love Story!!</em>&rsquo;s target audience. For one thing, I am not a teenage girl. For another, I tend to hate romance...
  8. Paul

    Review of Parasyte

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Parasyte by Milo Fisher</b> The manga series<em> Parasyte</em>&nbsp;(Hitoshi Awaaki) was launched in&nbsp;1988 and concluded in&nbsp;1995. Twenty years after finishing its run in <em>afternoon</em> magazine...
  9. Paul

    Review of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency by Milo Fisher</b> It&rsquo;s that time again! Time for more Bizarre Adventures! Time for more Jojo!<br> (Note: Since this is a review of the...
  10. Paul

    Review of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

    <img src=""> <b>Review of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood by Milo Fisher</b> The Victorian era, a time of prosperity, a time of opportunity, a time of magical vampires! Hang on a second, that last one seems a bit bizarre. And...
  11. Paul

    Review of Akame Ga Kill

    <img src=""> <b>topic_title by Milo Fisher</b> In a land ruled by a corrupt government and saturated by despicable evil, there stands one light in the sea of darkness, the fearsome and powerful Night...
  12. Paul

    Anime Limited to release Durarara on DVD/BD in 2014

    Today, Anime Limited announced on Facebook that they have acquired the UK home video rights to the 26 episode anime series&nbsp;<em>Durarara!!</em>, which they plan to release in two DVD/Blu-ray combo packs starting in the first quarter of next year. This new release will include the English...
  13. Paul

    Psycho Pass season 2 and movie announced

    On Friday, an event was held in Japan where all 22 episodes of the dystopian science fiction thriller anime series&nbsp;<em>Psycho Pass</em>&nbsp;were screened. Following the screening, a sequel series to the Production I.G. series was revealed, which had previously been hinted by Mitsuhisa...
  14. Paul

    New "Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3: The Rebellion" trailer airs

    On 26th October, the sequel to the highly popular&nbsp;<em>Puella Magi Madoka Magica&nbsp;</em>dark fantasy Magical Girl anime will be released in select Japanese cinemas.&nbsp;<em>Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3: Rebellion&nbsp;</em>is the third theatrical outing from SHAFT and...
  15. Paul

    Jerry Russell, North American voice actor, passes away aged 77

    Today, FUNimation Entertainment regretfully informed their followers on Facebook of the passing of voice actor&nbsp;Jerry Russell. Mr. Russell had recently visited hospital for a surgical procedure, but after contracting pnuemonia, developed complications that led to him passing away in his...
  16. Paul

    Miyazaki's retirement press conference to be streamed on NicoNico

    Last week, the world renowned Japanese animator and director Hayao Miyazaki, the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, announced his retirement from directing feature length movies. Following the announcement, Studio Ghibi confirmed that the&nbsp;<em>Spirited Away&nbsp;</em>and&nbsp;<em>Howl's Moving...
  17. Paul

    Steins;Gate Movie Trailer Released

    Today a trailer for the upcoming Steins;Gate movie was posted to the movie's official website and on Kadokawa's YouTube channel. The trailer features a few short unseen clips as well as clips from the TV show, with Kurisu Makise speaking over them. The movie has been scheduled for a Spring...
  18. Paul

    Hello again

    Hi guys, It's been a while! :) How's everyone been doing? It's really great to see the site still going so well! It almost feels nostalgic just creating this new topic! And I'm going to press the "Submit" button now. *Ah, memories!* :)
  19. Paul

    Article: Nowt

    Article Test Agree with this article? What do you think of Interview with No One?
  20. Paul

    A new era for Anime UK News

    Having spent January considering my responsibilities at Anime UK News, I have finally made the decision to step-down, effective immediately. I founded the site in February 2004 and the following five years have been great. Everything, from coding the website itself and writing exciting news...