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  1. Paul

    Site resurrection weirdness, Eyeonanime?

    I remember this site, and especially the unique purple design! All of the different UK anime sites back then had such unique styles, mostly because frameworks like WordPress weren't as popular/didn't exist and therefore the designs weren't as homogenised as they are today. Anyway, this looks...
  2. Paul

    UPDATED: Funimation Acquires Manga Entertainment UK

    I'd rather the UK anime industry had more autonomy. As was pointed out above, Funimation & Manga UK are now just different names for Sony, and the decision-making will reflect that.
  3. Paul

    Funimation to simulcast AFTERLOST, Fairy Gone, Kono Oto Tomare!, Mix and RobiHachi

    This is a decent line up. I was planning on at least checking out the first episodes of Mix and Fairy Gone. I may have a decision to make now because CR's line up seems a little bare in comparison. Just goes to show how the Funi/CR split has effected things.
  4. Paul

    Winter Streaming Preview 2019

    I can only concur with recommendations of Dororo. 4 episodes in so far and every single one has been great. It's tapping a different atmosphere to anything else this season, like a strange combination of Mushishi and Samurai Champloo. It's worth making the effort to dig through Amazon's...
  5. Paul

    The General Conversation Area

    Daren't ask how old all of you were in 2005. It feels like a lifetime ago!
  6. Paul

    It's been a while.

    I'm still here, just as more of a spectral presence, roaming AUKN in the dead of night by candle light... :eek:
  7. Paul

    Anime Limited To Release Sword Art Online Alternative & More

    Bartender seems like a really odd pick, would love to know what made AL go for it now? I'm not complaining, mind. Also means that I can hold out some hope for series like Welcome to Irabu's Office and Kaiba actually getting released over here.
  8. Paul

    MyAnimeList Partially Back Online After Week-Long Downtime

    I've used a few of the competitors myself. I think AniList is the best of the bunch. Kitsu has an unfinished and buggy feel to it, whilst Anime Planet is fine but quite clunky and old hat from an interface point of view.
  9. Paul

    MyAnimeList Partially Back Online After Week-Long Downtime

    If you look at the thread linked above, there's a bizarre situation developing there where the MAL site staff are openly criticising the MAL site owners and developers. Somewhat damningly, none of the staff (who are putting in hours of work day after day) seem to know what's going on. It's...
  10. Paul

    HIDIVE Now Supported on Google Chromecast

    ^ Exactly what I was going to say. Them no longer being tethered to desktop is a big thing.
  11. Paul

    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    Really not sure what to make of this Alita film. Clearly, lots of money has been spent on it, I'm not particularly bothered by how Alita looks either, but something about the tone of this trailer feels a bit wrong. I want the 18-rated, violent, brain-eating, tragic epic that I know this can be...
  12. Paul

    Megalo Box episode 13

    Who else watched this series? What did you think? I must admit, I felt a bit... underwhelmed by Megalo Box as a whole. Hajime no Ippo/Fighting Spirit is one of my favourites, so I was bang up for another boxing anime but I never felt like I understood Joe or his reasons for fighting and this...
  13. Paul

    Show-specific viewing threads (Split from MyAnimeList Partially Back Online article)

    Depending on how it goes, there's always the option of just having series-specific threads like ANN does for its on-going discussions, but for the time being it will be cool to see how this goes and it's just nice to see some change to the structure of the forums, it's also especially useful for...
  14. Paul

    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Review

    If memory serves, Bloodlust has a slightly unusual history with regards to it's Japanese dub. I think the English version was produced and released first and the Japanese version came some time later, which probably hints at some rights issues surrounding it? It's a shame it's not included but...
  15. Paul

    Wolf's Rain Review

    Wow, 'Gravity' is the last song I'd expect to hear at an English(?) karaoke night too, so I can imagine that being a memorable night! Anyway, thanks for saying that you liked the review. I spent a lot of time writing this last week trying to drill down into why I've always found Wolf's Rain to...
  16. Paul

    Wolf's Rain Review

    Moving and philosophical, violent and magical, ugly yet beautiful; that is Wolf’s Rain, a story about life, friends, the end of the world and pursuing a dream when everyone else has given up. Continue reading...
  17. Paul

    MyAnimeList Partially Back Online After Week-Long Downtime

    It's surprising to me that there's still large swathes of MAL offline. It must've been nearly a month now. They are risking killing off a large part of their community at this point and I'm not getting any sense of urgency from them.
  18. Paul

    Embassy of Japan opens 2018's Manga Jiman competition

    Out of interest, do we have any forum members that have entered this competition in the past? Or are intending to enter this time? I remember writing about this when it first started in 2007. Anything that encourages this type of creativity is always cool with me.
  19. Paul

    Embassy of Japan opens 2018's Manga Jiman competition

    A prestigious competition for aspiring UK comic artists with return air tickets to Japan up for grabs. Continue reading...
  20. Paul

    MyAnimeList Requiring Password Resets

    Interesting to note that MAL has now been down for days due to "undergoing extensive server maintenance" whatever that means and other list sites (like AniList and Kitsu) will be gaining lots of new users. I've looked at some of these other sites in the past but have always ended up gravitating...