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    Paradox's MCM Comic Con Sell Thread - (RARE STUFF, YO!)

    Wanna sell some stuff. Cool stuff. Fullmetal Alchemist. Original 2003 Series. All the Singles Except Volume 9. Revelation (remember them?) releases. Evangelion. Platinum release. Includes everything. Aaaaalll of it. Slipcases (little bit of wear and fading), booklets, discs, etc, etc...
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    Buying Your Animes and Stuff!

    You need money, yeah? Got some anime, manga or other cool stuff you don't want anymore? Cool. Sell it to me :3 Why should you sell it to me? Because 1) I'll give you a better price than CeX and 2) You love me. If it's on the following list, cha-ching. I'll definitely buy it. (I'll add more...
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    Viz to Launch Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha Digital Anthology ... -anthology Works out to £16.50pa. Quite awesome.
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    Non-anime bargains

    Not anime, but: Damn thats a decent deal. And Damn my lack of funds.
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    Stuff happened at Ayacon! ... eport.html So, we might have the Trigun movie. And uhhh. Not much else interesting.
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    Dragon Ball returns to UK Television! For reals this time!

    Yup! Dragon Ball Evolution will be airing on 28th August at 7:15pm on Film4. :lol:
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    Anime on TV ~ August 2011 Edition

    Grave of the Fireflies - Tonight at 1:15am on Film4 Kiki's Delivery Service - Sunday 31st July at 5:05pm on Film 4 Metropolis - Thursday 4th August on Film4 repeated at 5:05pm on Monday 8th August Porco Rosso - Friday 12th August on Film4
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    New Release Dates - Moribito Complete & Ikki Tousen: Dra

    Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Complete Collection - October 3rd 2011 Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny Complete - November 7th 2011
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    Several Anime (Including Kenshin and Steamboy) now streaming

    ...on Crackle!
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    Those who are in Google+, post accounts here Those who are not in Google+, acknowledge that we are cooler than you.
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    Akira Ratings

    Akira recieved 57,000 viewers on Saturday 26th July. While the +1 airing recieved 10,000. It managed to be the 5th most watched show of the week. Manga previously reported it got 44k viewers, but that probably didn't take into account people watching on Syfy HD.
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    Dragon Ball Kai Ocean Dub seems to be.. actually happening?!

    This flew under my radar. Yeah, the Ocean dub is actually happening. Lee Tockar got the role of Freeza: Apparently they were also recording on the 21st: Peter Kelamis knows...
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    Summer 2011

    Meh. Sacred 7 looks cool. Everything else, uh, we'll see what /a/ says.
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    The Girl Who Leapt Through Space released July 4th ... 519&sr=1-2 I'm pretty sure they have the wrong name :lol:
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    Syfy to air 'Akira' - June 25th 10pm (repeats in topic)

    It might be a one off, but if it gets good ratings, they could be convinced to show stuff other than crappy B-movies for a change. It's also repeated on Friday July 1st at 11:10pm and Saturday July 30th at 10pm
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    MCM Expo Anime Panel Spring 2011 Discussion thread

    20 mins left. If you're like me and didn't go, keep twitter open nao!! If you don't have twitter, commence F5'ing. [12] MVM - Haven't given up on anime. Still picking up new licenses, but less than previously. Source [12] Manga/Kaze - Earthquake caused slowdown in recieving materials...
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    Schedule Update 27/5 ... 420&sr=1-5 ... 420&sr=1-6 ... 420&sr=1-3 Blade of the Immortal, Disgaea and Starshop Operators all released July 11th
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    Uniqlo now doing Eva & Gundam shirts Surprised this went un-noticed..
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    So, uh, this show's about this guy. He's pretty awesome, and there's also this kid with him and they're really close and they're like brothers. Also, with them is this girl with big boobs and another girl who's kinda cute, but they find her in a box for some reason. Plus there's this whole...
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    My 360 just RROD'd. Need PS3 help.

    Ok, so just watching some Outlaw Star earlier, hit the X button to check the time. Then froze. Tried turning it on, kept getting RROD'd. I got it pre-owned in 2007, so I think it lasted pretty long. But, anyways. I'm thinking of buying a PS3. Particuarly a 60GB one, because I have a 1TB...