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    Your viewing journal

    It gets a lot more intense as the storyline goes on and some of the events are even a little gruesome! It's one of my favourite shounen fight anime of all time, along with One Piece and Hunter x Hunter ^__^ I don't recommend you bother with the 1st movie, as it's more like an extra episode, but...
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    Shounen action anime?

    Me again :lol: Thought it best to start a new thread for this, as it's different to the other one ^__^ Anyway, here is the question: I want to know if I've overlooked any shounen based action anime, as I need a new one to watch. Here's a list of what I've seen: Hunter x Hunter Yu Yu...
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    Can't decide - any good?

    I'm contemplating the following series, can anyone tell me whether they're worth the bother? (No fan boy/girl ravings, please be as objective as possible ^__^): Kiddy Grade Last Exile Scrapped Princess Samurai 7 Genshiken The Big O Gun x Sword Thanks ^__^
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    Saiunkoku Monogatari

    I have found my new anime love and wanted to share it with everyone and suggest you all try it out ^__^ Ever wondered what it would be like if 12 Kingdoms and Fushigi Yuugi were to be mixed together? well this is the impression you will get when you watch Saiunkoku Monogatari (The tale of...
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    Kare Kano (His & Her Circumstances)

    I think I started reading this manga about a year ago when I found out the reasons for the naff ending to the anime and like a lot of people, decided to find out how it should REALLY end! I have to say that for about the first 8 volumes, the anime and manga storyline doesn't alter much, but...
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    Rozen Maiden manga

    For anyone who is interested, Tokyopop has just announced they are releasing the first volume of Rozen Maiden manga next May. I know it's a long way away, but I know I'm really looking forward to it's release ^_^
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    Finder 1: Target in the Finder (prepare to squirm *lol*)

    Oh Boy! After thinking there couldn't possibly be anything quite as *hot* as Brother, enter Finder 1: Target in the Finder :lol: Think of some of the ickiest hentai you've seen (eL, Cool Devices etc) and transfer that into hard yaoi and voila. Don't even contemplate this manga unless you know...
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    Manga-ka in trouble for plagiarism

    Never thought I'd ever see something like this! I mean, I'm sure a lot of manga creators borrow one or two ideas, but to actually copy the scenes is a bit much! Check out the side-by-side scans and the super imposed scans!
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    Live musical - The Prince of Tennis ^_^

    I've just finished watching the first half of the POT live musical and it's bloody brilliant :lol: I'm like some crazed fangirl (something I never like to call myself ^_^). The actors playing the various parts are more than a tribute to their anime counterparts :wink: The songs are pretty...
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    2005 Guyver

    Has anyone else watched the first episode of The Guyver that's just been made? I just finished watching it :D I guess I've been put off rewatching the original (although I have seen it about 5 times!!) because the animation is a bit stinky :lol: and it could be why it's been remade. The...
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    I finished watching Gokudo last night and felt this overwhelming need to recommend it to everyone :lol: Gokudo is an anime packed with fun, stupidity, great characters and laughter! I enjoyed every minute of it and would recommend it for lovers of comedy, or anyone who just needs something...
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    Pet Shop of Horrors

    After falling in love with Count D in the manga books, I decided to try out the anime OVA, which had a nice choice of tales from the wonderful manga series. It's worth watching just to see Count D come to life, but each of the four tales are told really well and for lovers of a nice bit of...
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    Jungle de Ikou

    What a piece of crap! but it was an extremely entertaining, very amusing and completely daft anime. It's one of those things you should watch if you're feeling down, or want something totally inane and pointless to watch or just want to be assailed by wobbly bosoms and lotsa purposeful panty...
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    Brain Powered

    Took a while to finish watching this series (about 6 days!) and after finishing it last night, just felt I HAD to recommend it, because it was so damned good :D For the mostpart, the animation was very good, from the immensely beautiful sunsets, to the very believeable looking sea and lakes...
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    Freaks by Sakurako Gokurakuin

    I was rather surprised with this manga story, mainly because unbeknownst to me, it was rated as an 18! Written by the author of Juvenile Orion, Freaks is about a group of paranormal investigators. Their leader; Asagi Nanami has some rather unusual powers, as does the supposed sweet little girl...
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    Drama Queen - yaoi "BROTHER" ^_^

    Just thought I'd recommend a new publisher to all you yaoi fans on the forum. Drama Queen are a group of American women who are releasing uncut hard yaoi manga books. The first one is called Brother, by Yuzuha Ougi and I highly recommend it, but only if you enjoy very hard yaoi and are over 18...
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    Official Gravitation website - RightStuf

    This is possibly one of the nicest official webistes I've seen in a long time! The Gravi site. It has loads of info, great wallpapers and avatars and a competition to win T-Shirts, that believe it or not, is open to anyone worldwide!! Why not have a looksee :D
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    Paradise Kiss anime!

    I heard about this some time ago and I'm really looking forward to this one! I absolutely adore the manga, even if the ending did make me depressed for 3 days :lol: Anyway, here's a little info on it: ... e&aid=3145 A little more on ANN
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    Harukanaru Toke no Naka de (Haruka 8)

    After finally giving up on the fansubs and waiting for something that was never going to happen! I bought an alternate version :wink: and have watched the entire series, which I just have to recommend, as it was wonderful :D I was thoroughly impressed with this anime. It kept me entertained...
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    Viz - Shojo Beat manga books!

    I was just wondering what everyone thinks of the new titles from Viz, that come under their Shojo Beat manga titles? Or am I the only one reading them?! Yesterday I read Ouran High School Host Club, which was kinda cute, with a vague resemblance to Hana Kimi, but much funnier. MeruPuri is...