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    HEY! check out the Anime VAs who are goin London Expo!

    It ties in nice with Vic Mignogna being at the May London Expo next year! Aaron dismuke the voice of Al in FMA is gonna be at October's one! And that guy that does Sasuke's voice in Naruto!
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    Hey, guess what i found out!!

    Vic Mignogna the voice of Ed in FMA is going to be at either the October 2006 London Expo or the May London Expo in 2007! I was at the Risembool Rangers site, forum (place dedicated to the VA), and it had Vic's schedule for up coming Conventions list and our London Expo was on it for...
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    This is about the SweatDrop people, does anyone know...

    ...what the competition rules are? Cos it was so crowded in May i couldn't see anything. Can you draw only 1 made up anime person to a sheet of paper? Do you have to colour it in with the pens they leave? Can you bring your own fine liners to go round the endge? Do you bring your own...
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    Hey, what day are you going to the Expo?

    the Saturday or the Sunday? Or Both? If i can pursuide my friends to go again then i'll be going on the Sunday, cos i work Saturdays.
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    LOL, it's the weirdest thing...

    I've been posting here 2 days now, and i never even saw this Introduction forum until now! I must have been blinded in both eyes or something...or it's like phasing in and out of time...**ponders** Hi, my name's Imp..i come from Kent, though i say London in location, cos it is sorta London, i...