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  1. Professor Irony

    Get in the Other Simulwatch - RahXephon! [ep26-22/05]

    That's right folks, take a sip of whatever you're drinking every time someone mentions Evangelion, because for this simulwatch, we're doing RahXephon! Of all the post-Evangelion series that tried to ride that wave of psuedo-philosophical robots and big stompy teenagers, 2002's RahXephon is...
  2. Professor Irony

    Simulwatch - Swearing for Great Justice: Angel Cop!

    Episode One: The Telltale Head Credit where it’s due; this isn’t the exposed cleavage I was expecting Despite my general fondness for trash-tier bubble economy OVAs, I must confess that Angel Cop, surely one of the absolute pillars of that ‘throw money at anything’ attitude that so defines...
  3. Professor Irony

    Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! ep8

    Am I thinking about this too hard?
  4. Professor Irony

    Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! ep6

    Nothing hugely revelatory to say, but as I figured this entire comment would have needed to be in spoiler tags, I thought I might as well make a thread in here. I really like how the show has subtly worked in the detail of Asakura carrying her toy bunny around with her as a comforter. I saw it...
  5. Professor Irony

    Tanks for the Simulwatch: Dominion Tank Police! [Act 10 - 07/10]

    Reminder for everyone interested in taking part that the simulwatch for Dominion Tank Police and New Dominion Tank Police will start tomorrow, 27/9. "You haven't forgotten the routine, have you?" Released in 1988, Dominion Tank Police is an anarchic sci-fi comedy about an armoured police...
  6. Professor Irony

    Simulwatch Planning Thread - Suggest & Discuss

    As we've had a good run of successful simulwatch threads over the past few months, I thought it would be worth setting up a dedicated spot for people to suggest shows to watch together and agree on a schedule for them. To get the ball rolling, @Neil.T suggested Dominion Tank Police as a...
  7. Professor Irony

    Get in the Netflix! A look back (and forward) at Evangelion.

    As streaming giants Netflix prepare to put Evangelion back out there for a whole new generation of fans, we here at Anime UK News thought it was a good chance to reflect on Eva, hopefully provide some words of explanation for newcomers and also offer some personal thoughts on what the show has...
  8. Professor Irony

    Get in the Simulwatch - Neon Genesis Evangelion [End of Eva - 21/7]

    That's right folks, time to stand awkwardly at the back of a lift, scream geometrically and never ask why your flatmate has a live penguin, because it's only Neon Genesis flaming Evangelion! And they said it would never happen. Plot Summary (from ANN) At the age of 14 Shinji Ikari is...
  9. Professor Irony

    Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky Review

    A glossy production of obvious quality, December Sky is set to bring the ubiquitous Gundam brand to this year's Scotland Loves Anime, in the form of an unusual film whose considerable strengths will appeal to far more than just the hardened fans. Continue reading...
  10. Professor Irony

    Banana Fish ep4

    So is no-one concerned that Max takes legal advice from George Lucas?
  11. Professor Irony

    Anime Nasties: A Youtube (Mis)Adventure!

    My unsavoury pals from Ghastly Tales occasionally cajole me into contributing reviews of horror anime for their channel and we got a new episode up last night, covering Devilman's three main animated outings ahead of the upcoming Yuasa series due next year. Come marvel at what I actually look...
  12. Professor Irony

    Glasgow Anime is (Not) Dead.

    By virtue of having been the only one daft enough to agree to it, the once thriving Glasgow Anime group was placed in my care roughly 18 months ago and, since then, I have done virtually nothing with or for it. I may have left it too late, but I intend to have one last go at breathing life into...
  13. Professor Irony

    Nakama Britannica Podcast Megathread

    Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated, so despite the best efforts of time and tide, Nakama Britannica is still the number one* podcast produced for these forums! *From a field of one. Please leave us any thoughts, opinions and podcast-related feelings expressed through the...
  14. Professor Irony

    Ghastly Tales: A Youtube Horror Project

    Some of my unsavoury pals run a horror-themed youtube channel entitled Ghastly Tales, on which we put out short films, narration videos and occasionally (when I can bother my backside) paintings of famous horror characters, and we recently put this little short together. Safe for work, in case...
  15. Professor Irony

    Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Note that I left off the 'out of ten', because that is how I roll. Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) (1975) A giallo thriller following an English pianist obssessed with solving the gruesome murder he has witnessed in Rome, it felt like a slightly lesser film than Argento's subsequent Suspiria, but...
  16. Professor Irony

    Nakama Britannica Podcast 21: Favouritcast!

    Seeing as this is episode 21, it might have been clever if we'd all turned up wearing American football helmets and made jokes about eyeshields. On the other hand, this would have been completely pointless, as you can't see us, so you'll have to make do with this episode instead. This time...
  17. Professor Irony

    Podcast XX: Summer Season Roundup!

    For this episode, we looked inside the Gate in case there were any steins, but all we found were these waifus. DDL: ... ica_20.mp3 iTunes: ... 475143039# YouTube, Soundcloud: later Join us for another exiciting...
  18. Professor Irony

    Podcast XIX - A Tale of Two Arslans

    In our latest bid for podcasting related glory, it's 2 Heroic 2 Arslan! Join us for another exciting episode, in which we discuss The Heroic Legend of Arslan anime in both its 2015 and 1991 incarnations, considering how representative they are of anime in general for their respective eras...
  19. Professor Irony

    Simulwatch - Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water [final ep - 39]

    My lords, ladies and gentlemen, pray be seated and get hype for Gainax's other cult classic, in: Simulwatch VI - Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (The Lion Balls Are Just a Bonus) Streaming link via The Anime Network (subtitled) Plot Summary [from ANN]: In 1889, the world is on the pinnicle...
  20. Professor Irony

    New preview released for the upcoming Prison School anime

    New preview up for summer season's Prison School anime. Probably NWS due to 'adult themes'...