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  1. Joshawott

    Anime Limited & MVM's 12 Days of Christmas 2021

    Y'all, don't sleep on Girlish Number for only £3.99! It's like a more cynical Shirobako about voice acting. As for me, I jumped in on Familiar of Zero, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun and a couple of the DVDs. Even though I've yet to watch the stuff I bought in the last big MVM sale...
  2. Joshawott

    Funimation UK to Release Sword Art Online: Progressive Film in Cinemas

    Funimation UK have announced that the expanded retelling "Sword Art Online -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night" is coming to cinemas in the UK and Ireland, heralding a return to the distributor who first released the franchise in the UK. Continue reading...
  3. Joshawott

    Ghost in the Shell (1995) 4K Review

    Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell, one of the most iconic anime films of all time, is finally getting a 4K UHD Blu-ray release! Join us as we take a look at this new release, and whether the film still holds up 26 years later. Continue reading...
  4. Joshawott

    Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

    An update on Shobitch: I reached out to the BBFC and they replied to me today, confirming that the scene was cut. I also asked them about the episode still being uncut on HIDIVE:
  5. Joshawott

    "My Girlfriend is Shobitch" UK Release Cut by BBFC

    The BBFC confirms that a scene has been cut from MVM Entertainment's upcoming Blu-ray release of the raunchy comedy "My Girlfriend is Shobitch", citing its portrayal of a child in a sexualised context. Continue reading...
  6. Joshawott

    Mamoru Hosoda's Belle Heads to BFI London Film Fest and Scotland Loves Anime

    Mamoru Hosoda's highly anticipated anime feature film Belle heads to the UK next month, showing In Competition at the BFI London Film Festival, and as Scotland Loves Anime's Mystery Film! Continue reading...
  7. Joshawott

    Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle Premieres on Netflix Next Month

    Netflix and The Pokémon Company International confirm an October release for the long-delayed anime film Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle! Continue reading...
  8. Joshawott

    Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

    I just watched that segment on HIDIVE and... yeah, I can see why... For those who don't know, the sequence is basically flashbacks to Kosaka as a 4 year old, and her mother's observations really sexualising her behaviour...
  9. Joshawott

    Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

    Well, it's certainly been a while since this has happened. Do you have any more information on the cut? Such as where it took place, etc? (And yeah, I checked the BBFC website and it's useless lol).
  10. Joshawott

    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    I'll be at Scotland Loves Anime in Edinburgh on the Saturday and Sunday. Bit gutted that Heaven's Feel 3 is during the week, and that the combination of my uni timetable and that of flights/trains won't let me see the Friday ones. But oh well!
  11. Joshawott

    UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

    I recently bought the Japanese Blu-rays of Uma Musume Season 2, but I'd buy an English release in a heartbeat. Especially as the Japanese Season 1 Blu-rays are still very expensive on the second-hand market.
  12. Joshawott

    UK Anime Distributor Funimation/Manga UK Discussion Thread

    For those wondering for the source on this: I imported the US disc last year, and have a copy of the UK disc to review for the site. It was brought up on the Discord last night, so I compared my discs.
  13. Joshawott

    Demon Slayer: Mugen Train to Stream on Funimation Next Week

    Funimation confirms an August streaming release for Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- the Movie: Mugen Train in the UK & Ireland! Continue reading...
  14. Joshawott

    Netflix's Live-Action Cowboy Bebop to Release This November

    Netflix confirms the release date, and offers a first look, at their upcoming live-action series adaptation of the iconic anime Cowboy Bebop! Continue reading...
  15. Joshawott

    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    Anime is a sleazy thing tbf :P
  16. Joshawott

    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    I think I first watched Evangelion during that The Anime Network block that ADV used to have on… Propeller TV, I think? One of my earliest ventures into anime beyond Pokémon and such franchises.
  17. Joshawott

    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    In fairness, AL has had Ultimate Editions of other highly revered classic shows, and Andrew did say that the initial print run was based on their usual sell-through, with UE's never selling before launch, nevermind within 24 hours. I imagine fans being starved of an Eva release for over a...
  18. Joshawott

    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    Who'd have thought this thing Evangelion would be popular?
  19. Joshawott

    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    Years ago, I had a pre-order for ADV's Platinum Collection DVD box set. However, I was unemployed at the time, and cancelled the preorder as I just couldn't justify the expense. I've regretted that for years, so while I think the set is pricier than I would have preferred, I've put an order in -...
  20. Joshawott

    Funimation Global Group Completes Acquisition of Crunchyroll

    Sony Pictures announces that the Funimation Global Group has completed the acquisition of anime streaming service Crunchyroll. Continue reading...