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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Strangely addicted to Killing Floor and just recently started The Last Story yesterday. TLS is a little stale but by no means bad from what I've seen so far.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    2 and a half years playing a Japanese cartoon when you could've just spent 25 weeks watching a Japanese cartoon? :) Finished Metroid Fusion yesterday, good game. Started Metroid Zero Mission earlier.
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    [adult swim]'s 2012 April Fools Day Prank: Toonami

    Probably something like Sgt. Frog, the only show that should come back is Yu Yu Hakusho. It was just DBZ but actually good and treated rather poorly.
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    [adult swim]'s 2012 April Fools Day Prank: Toonami

    I watched the stream as it happened, I would like it to return but only if it doesn't rehash the same boring, exhausted shows such as DBZ and Gundam WING. Such a bore.
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    Game over?

    Birkenhead Gamestation is still open but the GAME is closed. Bad times.
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    MangaUK license announcements ...

    Squid Girl and Madoka I'll buy... that's it. Panty and Stocking is only worth a fiver so until then.
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    Sakamichi no Apollon Anime Adaptation

    The 12th of April, my body will be ready.
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    Dragon's Dogma

    I'm gonna say it'll sell 3 million tops and even then I feel I'm pushing it. It will definitely get a boost from the RE6 demo.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Got my own PS3 the other day, played some Street Fighter X Tekken. I really have no idea how this all fully works, the gem system and the Pandora system (****** comback mechanic) just seem so HORRIBLE. Take them out and I'd be good. Liking Poison, Hugo, Xiaoyu and Julia. The no sound glitch when...
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    Your viewing journal

    Watched Lupin: The Fuma Conspiracy yesterday I want more Lupin down the line, thinking of going with the first TV show. Watched Arrietty earlier, I liked it, but it felt a little bit empty, didn't really seem to be carrying any sort of message or anything. Interested in seeing From Up on...
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    Kabuto (1992 OVA)

    Jesus Christ this looks TERRIBLE. Torrenting right now.
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    Mass Effect 3

    Finished the game, fun series from start to finish, nothing really amazing, BioWare established the lore pretty well even though it's not entirely fresh, story was all over the place after the first game and from them BioWare was winging it, sad. I went with the Synthesis ending I couldn't...
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    Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Details

    Not CG trash like Dragon Age? Excellent. He's okay, he was just the gateway to the series for the CoD crowd but turned out okay, he's a lot more humble than I would have imagined instead of "I'm so HXC, Commander, I once quick scoped a Batarian from 300 yards away."
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    How many series/movies did you rewatch?

    Rewatched Outlaw Star once and GunBuster twice and that's pretty much it.
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    Mass Effect 3

    25 hours in so far, this game has some problems but I am enjoying it. BioWare said if you stay loyal to your LI from ME1 to ME3 you'd be rewarded, more like "If you romanced Liara you get the benefits from it." considering the VS gets put out of comission for like HALF THE GAME. The Normandy...
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    Spring 2012

    Some decent ching chong cartoons out this season. Zetman. Apollon. Medaka Box. Are a definite, might watch a few others too. Was considering Uchuu Kyoudai but it's meant to run for a year? **** that.
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    Richie Branson Combines Hip Hop and Anime

    Shame it's so focused on Gundam WING.
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Got Birdy the Mighty part 2 yesterday for £8. Waiting for a cheaper Baccano.
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    Bleach series end date and Hollywood adaptation revealed

    People still watch Bleach? Whoa.
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    General Games Discussion

    So... did anyone buy The Last Story? Still waiting for my signed copy to arrive (assuming it's even being sent at this point) that I won at the MCM Expo a week back.