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    Banner Comp Original Picture

    Since all the banners are up now i thought i would post a link to my original picture that i used to create the banner i submitted. Here it is for anyone interested in taking a peek. JamesX and mrscribble your banners look seriously good, i've been looking forward to seeing them. Who's is...
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    Which direction should non-Japanese manga be published?

    I imagine that almost everyone who enjoys reading manga is happier seeing it published in it’s traditional right to left format. But here is what I want to know. How do you think western comics in the manga style should be presented? Is it acceptable for a western comic to fully embrace the...
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    Art project help - what says Japan to you?

    I few people have been seeking imput here on school type projects recently. So, since i'm just starting a Japan based art project myself, i thought what better place than this to ask for some imput also! Very simply. What 4 things represent Japan to you? It can be good or bad things...
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    Live-action anime adaptions, what would you like to see?

    With the news of Dragonball Z possibly due to get the Hollywood treatment, and with the success of Transformers. I was wondering what other anime series you would like to see adapted for the western audience, and what do you think would work the best? Personally there are probably countless...
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    Oscar winners

    So for anyone who still doesn't know the results, and for anyone who cares, here is the short list off the winners: Best Motion Picture of the Year CRASH Paul Haggis and Cathy Schulman Achievement in Directing Ang Lee BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role...
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    Favourite Deviant Artists

    Deviantart is full of loads of amazing artists, they make me increadibly jealous, but i still sometimes find myself spanding hours looking through their work, these are some of my favourites: shirotsuki saimain lasaro (i love her anime style) heise (probably my favourite artist i've found so...
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    Tutorials and Help

    I thought it would be a good idea in the Creative section to have a topic to put up any websites we found to have good tutorial, or found useful when doing artistic things. I also thought it would be a good place if anyone was having trouble with a certain something they are drawing or a...
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    Any Artists amoung us?

    Any Artists amoung us? Do you draw anime fanart or do you draw your own characters? Or do you like to draw other things like fantasy elves or goblins or dwarves? Anything, why don't you post it up here if you do
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    So whats your desktop?

    Basically the question is in the title. I just thought it would be interesting to see what desktop picture everyone was using, as i have folders full of them. If there is a new anime i like i will often go to the trouble of finding as many as i can so i can alternate and have a choice. So how...