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  1. Ash

    [Overseas] Anime News & Announcements

    Oh, I actually have a JP PS3 that plays Region A blu-rays but out of pure laziness, I didn’t want to pull it out of storage. Thank you for responding though, I appreciate it! I’ll most likely jump on the set when it releases.
  2. Ash

    [Overseas] Anime News & Announcements

    Would also really like to have the Kenichi BD set to replace my DVD collection. Are Discotek releases typically region-free? I’ve never bought a release of theirs before.
  3. Ash

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Had this exact same issue, AL said that TNT attempted delivery but at least one person was home at all times for the past month and not had anyone attempt to deliver the last item I was waiting for, after asking AL to arrange a re-delivery it finally showed up just a couple days ago. Really...
  4. Ash

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Still waiting on my Day 1 order and I reside in England but hopefully you'll receive yours sooner than later. : ) If there are any issues, I have no doubts AL will sort it out.
  5. Ash

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Yup, I read the email actually shortly after I received my packages so I figured mostly everyone who got mystery box #2 had the same problem, but merely curious if there was even a single person to get all 5 titles in the #2 box. Looking forward to seeing what it is when it arrives though!
  6. Ash

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Got two packages today, mystery box #2 with 4 blu-rays, so I'm curious as to what the fifth is going to be. Did anyone get the full 5 blu-rays in their mystery box #2? Also received Blood Lad, Count of Monte Cristo, Samurai Flamenco and Tatami Galaxy in the other package. Only waiting for my Day...
  7. Ash

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Nothing here either, was hoping my day 1 order would be here by Christmas at the very least.
  8. Ash

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Haha, yeah, I have no problem waiting for the delivery if I know what's going on in the mean time, I just didn't wanna sit around waiting and my items have been lost in the Royal Mail abyss. Thanks for the info though, really appreciate it.
  9. Ash

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Thank you for the heads up! I've bought items from them previously with no issue or delay and just assumed the time of year caused some hold ups. I've never ordered from them during the 12 days sale before, but the email states the shipment is on it's way and this was 8 days ago.
  10. Ash

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    Oh, seriously? Suppose I better contact them then.
  11. Ash

    Anime Limited 12 Days of Christmas 2018

    I bought something on Day 1 which said it had shipped on 5th of December, I've yet to receive it however. Is it normal for it to take this long? I live North/East England.
  12. Ash

    Legal Streaming 2018: Q2 Spring Season | FOR REAL?! UPYO ADVANCE BOOSTO?!

    The simuldub for Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory episodes 1-3 have become available for viewing on FunimationNow UK. Same goes for Tokyo Ghoul Re: simuldub as of last week.
  13. Ash

    Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters and Sword Art Online II Now Available on Netflix

    Yup, it is dubbed for home video, so I was pretty surprised to see it wasn't made available on Netflix with the dub as an option.
  14. Ash

    Warning: Crunchyroll Infected By Malware

    B-but that malware was promising me 4K Anime streaming!
  15. Ash

    Anime Limited Issue Statement on Your Name Issues

    Ok, this puts my mind at ease in case I do have any major issues with the quality of release. Thanks for the heads up!
  16. Ash

    Anime Limited Brings Masaaki Yuasa’s ‘Lu Over the Wall’ to the UK Theatrical Screens this...

    I was actually interested in seeing this one, shame my city isn't listed as it's not a movie I want to drive over an hour to go and see but would definitely like to hear others opinion of this on here if they happen to attend a showing.
  17. Ash

    Your Name Review

    Heard there's issues regarding the blu-ray release but not sure to what extent or what is actually affected, so if anyone is able to clarify on that I'd appreciate it but as of right now I cancelled my pre-order in case it's anything that ruins the enjoyment of the movie. When or if issues can...
  18. Ash

    New Anime Announcements Revealed for Date A Live, Full Metal Panic! and High School DxD

    Waited far too long for more Full Metal Panic, so this news is definitely exciting! Will probably wait for Funimation to dub the new series given they pick up the license for it, I'd be happy if they could just go right ahead and simuldub it.
  19. Ash

    Neo Yokio, a new Western/Japanese produced anime series is coming to Netflix

    When I read all-star cast followed by Jaden Smith, I literally laughed out loud. After watching the trailer, I honestly don't know who this will appeal to and quite frankly I can't see it doing all too well. The animation is even below what I was expecting and my hopes weren't exactly high to...