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    J-rock cds, anime/manga, EGL fashion direct from Japan

    Hello everyone This is Manga Girls here. I know I have vanished off the message board, but I have a good reason. I recently moved to Japan for work. I am now offering a shopping service for anyone who would like me to buy goods for them in Japan. For example, J-rock cds, anime/manga...
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    Manga Girls request: Japanese expats wanted for podcast

    Hello everyone, some of you may know that I am currently doing a podcasting course at the moment and as part of this, I am producing a short radio documentary on Japanese fashion. I would like to interview 2/3 Japanese people who are now living in the UK who previously spent their teen years...
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    Misadventures on Twitter

    Just discovered that the lead singer of my favourite band when I was 17, is now following me on Twitter. O_O Too scared to Tweet! OMG! What am I going to do?.>< M.G
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    Manga & novels sale: NANA, Code Geass & more

    Hello guys & girls... I'm having a bit of a manga clearout, as I have way too much manga. There are a lot of complete series or starter sets below. All the prices below exclude P&P, but please do PM me or leave a note below if you would like to know more. Hopefully, they can go to a good...
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    Abingdon Boys School play Camden this week

    Hiya folks... Found out today that the wonderful Abingdon Boys School are playing the Camden Underworld, this Thursday evening, 12th November. If you have been watching Darker Than Black, you will know they did the opening theme tune to series one. A song called Howling. And the ending song...
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    What to do if you have been pickpocketed on public transport

    I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. Earlier this afternoon, I was nearly pickpocketed on the bus as I was heading home. It happened very quickly and they nearly made off with my Death Note wallet. Luckily, a passenger behind me spotted what was going on and nothing was...
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    Grand International Cosplay Ball will be an Enchanted Forest

    An Enchanted Forest is this years theme at the Grand International Cosplay Ball which will be taking place at the Clapham Grand in&nbsp;London on November 29th. Famous cosplayer Yaya Han will be there along with DJs, bands and&nbsp;circus performers. There will also be a &ldquo;Hime&rdquo; style...
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    Cosplay help! Lelouch from Code Geass jacket

    Hiya all, I'm trying to put a cosplay costume together and I thought I would ask you guys on the forum for some help if you don't mind. Turns out there is a big Code Geass group on the saturday at expo and I'm hoping to go as Lelouch. Trouble is, I have had a hard time finding the right...
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    Natsume Yuujinchou

    Just wondering if anyone else is watching the second series of this show. It's a lot like Fruits Basket with the unlikely duo of a schoolboy and a fat cat. Just wondering what others think of the show?.... M.G xx
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    I saw Mr Motivator on Oxford St. today

    I was in Oxford St. Plaza when Mr Motivator (wearing that pink lycra suit and all) popped out of nowhere and started grabbing unaware shoppers saying, "I'm desperate. I need the money," to get them to take part in what looks like an advert for T-Mobile. I have taken some footage on my...
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    An Cafe to play London in March

    Apologies if there is already a post about this, but I've been off the forum for a while due to work. For anyone who doesn't know, J-rockers An Cafe will be playing the Islington Academy on Tuesday 24 March. Tickets cost £20 from Ticketweb. I saw them last year and it was an awesome gig...
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    Manga Girl's second article is in the Daily Telegraph today!

    Hello everyone A little while back I asked people on the forum to help me out with one of my credit crunch articles looking at supermarket shopping for my university project. Well the good news is that the article is in the Daily Telegraph, so I wanted to share my good news with you all -...
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    Want to be in the newspaper?

    Hello all Want advice on your finances? Are you happy to talk to me about money stuff? I am looking for people who wouldn't mind being featured in a money makeover article for a national newspaper. If you wouldn't mind helping me out, please send me a PM saying a few lines about yourself and...
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    Manga Girl's BANZAI Manga Clearout!

    Hiya everyone... Now that I’ve finished uni, I thought it would be a good time to clear out some old manga. There are some complete sets and many starter volumes, so hopefully there will be something that catches your eye. P&P is £1.50 on books. I’m giving you guys first dibs before I...
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    Do you know anyone from the Dover/near by area?

    Hi folks For my final university article, I'm trying to track down someone who lives in Dover/surrounding area who does their grocery shopping in Calais. If you know of someone can you please get in touch, as I would like to interview them. Even if it's a friend of a friend. Please PM me...
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    Manga Girl's wants your views on the Credit Crunch

    Hiya folks It's already been a year since the credit crunch started and I would like your views on the topic. I'm writing an article and I want to know how the crunch has effected your lives. If you could answer my questions below, I would really appreciate it: 1) Over the last year, how...
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    Manga Girls FanFiction

    Hiya folks! I can't draw, but I can certainly write, so I thought I would post the links to my fanfiction stories here. They're a bit old, but I hope to finish them one day. Suggestions on what you would like to see/happen in the stories would be ace. Hana Kimi - Shin's Story About Sano's...
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    Manga Girls would like to speak to students for an article

    Hiya folks As many of you will know, I'm in the midst of writing articles for my final journalism project at university. I am writing a big article about student finances and rather than going down the student debt road, I would like to speak to six students about what advice they would give...
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    What J-Rock cds should I buy in Tokyo?

    Hi guys I will be heading to Tokyo soon and need recommendations on new bands worth checking out. I will be buying a lot of cds and need suggestions on some top tunes as I haven't been following the j-rock music scene for a while. The kind of bands I like are: L'arc en Ciel, An Cafe, GazettE...
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    Do you shop at Tesco, Asda or Lidl? Opinions needed

    Hello everyone As a spin off from my supermarket challenge, I'm looking for people to give their opinions on the recent supermarket pricewars to go into a news feature article I'm writing. If you shop at: Tesco From Monday, Tesco will reduce the cost of 3,000 items in their stores by up...