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    Recomendations please.

    Hi, some of the old hands may remember me, but I used to watch a lot of anime back in the day, but over the last 3 years I haven't watched as much due to a number of reasons. Now my life has settled down a bit I want to get back in, but haven't a clue where to start, and after trying a few shows...
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    So I'm in Japan at the momnet

    Any Suggestions as to what to do? Last trip I was mainly in Tokyo, Osaka and Himeji, and although I'm sure I missed stuff I am only going back to Tokyo (due to flights and all). Currently in Kyoto and going to do as many sights as I can in the next two days, before... well any ideas? I've...
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    Games you've played to Death

    What games have you played so much that you find it difficult to play any more? In my case it's Dragon Age:Origins. Completed it a few times before my computer died taking all the save games with it. Then had to replay it to get some save games for DA2 by this time I had finished it about half a...
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    School based anime and raising/ look after children

    While at a con with one of my friends we had our normal banter about Moe shows and School based anime. I generally don't like it, he does. We both have our reasons, and mine is I work with children. I used to do environmental education and taught kids from 5 to 18, now I', a student teacher...
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    Readable Japanese History Book

    After watching Musashi, and finding a copy of the 'Book of 5 Rings' wondered if anyone could recomend a book on Japanese History written in a readable style. I was facianted by the comparisons in Musashi between Japanese, Chinese and Western medievil armies and chivary and how they affected...
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    How do you store your anime?

    Have just moved and was surprised how much anime I had and how much space it took up. Most were on shelves at my old place, but now most of it is in boxes, but trying to get most into wallets as they take up MUCH less space. Already got 150 into wallets but more to go. How do you cope?
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    Moe is an section of animé that is insanely popular in Japan, yet it's reception in the rest of the world is decidedly mixed. What is it? No one really knows, or more precisely no one can really agree what Moe means, cuteness is definitely a factor, as is a desire to protect, but it's not...
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    Darker than Black: Ryuei no Gemini

    Really suprised no one has created a thread about this, now that it's over it may seem too late, but think i've twigged the point of the show. Before he end thought it was 'Bones does Magic girl show' in its own inimitable style. All the hallmarks are there, talking animal mascots, wise old...
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    Sky Crawlers on the Big Screen

    Just got my Mangazette (God's that's a dreadful pun) and found that there will be a few screenings of Mamuro Oshii's latest work Sky Crawlers on in the Bath Film Festival on Thursday 19 November ( details here), the Belfast Cinemagic Scifi Anime Marathon on the 20th of Nov ( details here), and...
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    Anime Extravagance

    What is then most you've spent on an anime DVD, model, costume or item? Until now it was just about £50 for a model or boxset, but as Chaos has alluded to in other posts recently bought something from the London Expo that kinda put that to shame. ADV's promotional banner for Rahxephon. A...
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    Fan Dumb

    After wandering round the London Film and Comic Con as well as reading some of the latest 'Sub vs Dub' Thread and seeing some of the comments there, wondered what the dumbest thing you've heard an anime fan say or debate was. I've heard of some of the shipping wars in shows like Bleach, and the...
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    Summer 2009 Season

    And gods above does it all look crap. Well at least i'll be getting round to watching some of my backlog of DVD's
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    Parodies and Piss takes

    The American Akira movie <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    Tsubasa / xxxholic

    Okay, what the smeg is going on? Was following it okay until this last arc, but seem to have missed something that makes it all fall into place. Now here is what i think has happened (needles to say MAJOR spoilers):- Many moons ago Syaoran travelled to Clow country and met Sakura. Managed to...
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    Free Expo Kinda thing

    Forgive the some what vague Subject line but flat mate waved add in my face after a bottle of while and a few whiskey's so mind not all it should be ... hell when sober mind isn't all it should be. ANyway, drunken ramblings aside. 31 of Janary, year of our Lord 2009 there is a Tokyo City...
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    New Code Geass Series ?

    ...could be Best thing EVA or Flogging a dead horse. Not quite sure yet, but not suprised they aren't letting this lucrative series rest in it's grave yet.
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    Starship Operators

    Sunrise has done almost every trick in the book to get improbably young pilots into improbably large and over powered mecha or ships. Accidents, disasters (both natural and man made), wars (very popular), design flaws so only kids can pilot them and that little step in all Gundams which makes...
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    All the small things

    Every couple months someone does a thread asking what makes a good series, and after about three post most of the answers (plot, sound/ music, animation, characters). What may be more interesting may be what small things raise a good series from mediocre ones, for great from good. Give a few...
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    Sword Of the Stranger @ the Barbican

    Any one going? One of the few chances to see anime on the big screen so going, but would be nice to have someone to talk to before and after. Details here
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    Need a new manga

    I need a new manga to read, but don't want to just blindly pick up another title as the last three i have have pretty much sapped my will to live (along with the cold i'm coming down with). While I don't mind the character going through hardships, killing off ever other character bar the lead...