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  1. sniper_samurai

    Eureka Seven Region A BD For Sale

    Sorry about the delay, was meant to put this up weeks ago but was busy with college. Anyway I've a sealed Eureka Seven Complete Collection for sale. The price I am looking for is €25 inc shipping.
  2. sniper_samurai

    Vexille Preview Showing in Dublin Next Monday

    A special preview showing of Vexille is taking place in Cineworld on Parnell Street next Monday 28th April. The showing starts at 7p.m in screen 16, and the tickets are €7 each. This is part of the Cinemagic Festival that is taking place in cinemas across the city between 23rd April and 1st May.
  3. sniper_samurai

    Rightstuf 25 dvds for $100 deal back on have just resumed their periodic 10 dvds for $50 or 25 dvds for $100 offer. The publisher whos titles you can choose from this time is ADV and includes titles like Macross and the starter sets that will probably never see the light of day over here. So if you're after some...