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  1. unknownfate

    Amazon's Import Fees Deposit

    I don't know if this has been discussed elsewhere but I'm curious if anyone has insight. Is there anything that indicates that Fees have been charged? I received a package today that exceeded the £15 threshold but because of the Import fees deposit I can't determine whether fees had been levied...
  2. unknownfate

    The " I've got two of these" sale

    Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 w/slipcover (FUNi release) £5
  3. unknownfate

    DVD/BR/Games for sale.

    List will be updated periodically as I add more titles. As always P+P is not included. Reasonable offers considered. Blu-ray Region A FF Type-0 HD Soundtrack- £10 Fafner: Heaven & Earth- £5 Un-Go £10 Ambition of Nobuna Oda £15 Wanna be the Strongest LE £20 Legendary Heroes Part 1 LE £10...
  4. unknownfate

    Clearing out.

    In the midst of redecorating I've come across some items to sell on. P+P not included. Region coding in brackets Bluray King of Thorn (A) £5 Un-Go (A) £13 Gatchaman TV+OVA collection (A) £50 FF: Type-0 HD Soundtrack £15 DVD Gurren Lagann- hardcover sets with box,core drill, Yoko pin (2)...
  5. unknownfate

    Dragon Drive for sale

    All 10 volumes of the Dragon Drive Anime series. Each comes with the associated insert and lenticular card. Everything plays perfectly and is in great condition. Asking price is £60 which includes p+p I've also ended up with a spare copy of Lupin III: Dead or Alive so I'll throw that in with...
  6. unknownfate

    Serial experiments Lain

    Offering up the Bluray/DVD combo set of Lain housed in the chipboard artbox with the two supplementary material booklets released by FUNimation. Current asking price for these sets on Amazon is £250 which is ridiculous even if it is a VERY nice set. Note: when I bought the set the cover of the...
  7. unknownfate

    3DS XL for sale

    Ice white 3DS XL with Bravely Default hard cover and Mario Kart 7 installed. In original box with all paperwork and accessories. £80 including postage
  8. unknownfate

    DVDs for sale (again)

    List will be updated as I rummage. Region 1/A Phantom Quest Corp £10 Dead man Wonderland (A- Bluray) £10 Blue Seed Mitama Collection £10 Dragonauts Parts 1+2- £15 Shangri la Collection £10 Alien Nine (Collectors Edition) £10 Venus versus Virus collection £10 Lucky Star (Anime Legends) £30...
  9. unknownfate

    Big-ass clearout

    Biggest and last clear out (for a while?) usual rules apply. P+P NOT included unless you buy lots :) Offers on everything welcome Trades accepted if its something good Unless otherwise noted items are REGION 1 To Love Ru collection £20 To Love Ru Darkness £20 CDs (£5 unless otherwise...
  10. unknownfate

    Figures for sale

    A few figures up for grabs all boxed unless otherwise noted. P+P varies dependent on figure, free p+p if you buy enough in one go. Solid Works 1/8 scale Kusuha Mizuha Super Robot Wars Original Generation £15...
  11. unknownfate

    DVD clearout- The Remix

    OK folks new (and some old) DVDs up for grabs again. P+P is NOT included (unless you buy lots :) ) Everything is the full series release(s) Demon King Daiamao- £10 Phantom Quest Corp- £8 Blue Seed Mitama Collection- £10 Cat Planet Cuties- £7 Angel Beats- £10 D.Gray Man Parts 1-4- £15 Cowboy...
  12. unknownfate

    Adopt a DVD

    DVD clearout continues. Most items listed here are available immediately but there are a few listed here that I haven't gotten around to watching yet so it may take a few extra days before they go in the post. As always P+P isn't included Eden of the East+ Both movies- UK Bluray releases £15...
  13. unknownfate

    More clearance

    More clearout stuff. P+P NOT INCLUDED Anime Disgaea complete collection -£7 Gun x Sword collection - £8 FLCL 1-3 (Sync Point ver)- £12 Black Cat 1-6+ Artbox -£15 Suzuka 1-6+ Artbox -£15 X 1-8 with LE slipcovers and Artbox- £40 Darker than Black S1, S2 and OVAs +Artbox- £35 PS2 Ar Tonelico-...
  14. unknownfate

    A few items to clear

    Postage not included. PSP Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday Twisted edition- £10 DS Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time- £4 Retro? Blaze Arcade Ultimate Portable (£40 in Argos) plus SD card with extra games- £30 If you emulate then you know how ROMs work so I wont bother with the details.
  15. unknownfate

    DVD Clearance

    Since the figures are in a separate thread I'll start a new one for the DVDs by themselves. P+P is not included but I'll offer discounts if you buy enough in one go :) Region 1 Utawarerumono 1-6+ box- £15 Burst Angel 1-6+box, OVA- £25 Sorcerer Hunters TV Collection and OVA Collection- £15...
  16. unknownfate

    Fullmetal flogging

    Any interest in the following? FMA 1-13 with the red,white and black collectors tins A signed LE copy of the Conquerer of Shamballa FMA OVA Collection FMA Brotherhood 1-5 Sacred Star of Milos BR FMA Brotherhood OVA Collection BR I'm looking for around £120 including p+p
  17. unknownfate

    Yet more DVDs to sell

    I just keep finding more to part with: L/R Vol.1-4+Artbox- £12 Samurai Champloo Vol.1-7+ Artbox and Bandana- £20 Last Exile 1-7+ Artbox, Figure and mousepad if I still have it- £20 Dokuro Chan Smashing edition (dubbed release)- £12
  18. unknownfate

    Goodbye sweet figures

    Not all figures have boxes but I'll mark the ones that do accordingly. P+P is NOT included. Shuffle- Liasianthus (Atelier Sai) BOXED £15 Kotobukiya Asuka (plain clothes) BOXED? £5 Caren Ortensia- Fate BOXED £10 Kotobukiya Natalia (Tales of the Abyss) BOXED £10 Grimrock Asuka and Rei BOXED £8...
  19. unknownfate

    Kara no Kyoukai BD set

    I'm selling off my KnK BD set for the right price, I've got a figure in my head which is less than RRP but feel free to make me an offer since it could work out more than what I'm thinking :)
  20. unknownfate

    Manga clearout

    As the title suggests it's Manga clearout time, prices don't include p+p, I'll work that out when you agree to buy something. It's all in like new condition. Up for grabs: Tactics Vol.1- £2 Tsubasa Omnibus 1- £4 Comic Party 1-3- £5 DearS 1-8 plus fanbook- £25 Haruhi 4- £2 Yotsuba 1-9- £30