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  1. -Danielle-


    Hi All, Who's attending what MCMs this year? I'm at Birmingham, pondering 1 day at London :)
  2. -Danielle-

    MCM London May 25th-27th

    So I know this is well early but I'm guessing since they now charge ridiculousness for their tickets, some of y'all would of bought whilst it was the cheapest price lol. I'm going! Only bought a day ticket as weekend is stupid now. The fact that a day ticket = a weekend ticket in Manchester...
  3. -Danielle-

    Very long time no see

    Hai to those who remember me. Greetings to those who don’t :) I’m going to try and appear here more again.
  4. -Danielle-

    I've lost my magnificent post count haven't I

    :cry: Hello guys, long time no speak! Gutted my 1k plus post count is gone lol.
  5. -Danielle-

    How do :)

    Hello everyone, pleasure to meet you all. My name's Danielle and I'm a member of the Neo forum moving to greener pastures basically. Excited to see my familiar faces and even more excited to meet new ones too :D I'd tell you more but I'm betting you'll figure out what animes and stuff I like...