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  1. AgeOfBoredom

    Grandblue Fantasy Versus

    As Demelza reviewed the first volume of the manga, it reminded me of Grandblue Fantasy Versus which should be coming out next year. Is anyone excited for this? I'm personally quite into 2D fighters and despite having an arcade stick, I'm still below average at them 😅 As with Dragon Ball...
  2. AgeOfBoredom

    My small manga blog

    I've recently started a small manga blog, Manga Worth Reading. I'm pretty much a manga noob but I thought I'd put my thoughts out into the world. Mostly reviews at the moment but a few articles on collecting too. Hopefuly it'll feature some guest posts by friends more in the know soon. Would...
  3. AgeOfBoredom

    Sword Art Online - Aincrad

    I managed to find Sword Art Online - Aincrad in a charity shop the other day. I've done a little research into it but couldn't conclusively find out if this is the first SAO manga. I think it is but can't say for certain. I'm new to the IP so didn't want to jump in mid way through by accident.
  4. AgeOfBoredom

    Hi all!

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to Manga. Just trying to get through the MUST READS at the moment as well as picking up a few newer things. I'm a freelance graphic designer in London. I used to do a Nintendo Switch YouTube channel but life / work has got in the way of that recently. To quench my content...