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  1. Donut

    Picrew thread

    I find this to be a very fun distraction, I thought maybe a thread would be nice and comfy! Post characters/yourself made on whichever!! A few favs of mine include:
  2. Donut

    Japan and shopping

    Hello everyone! So, in March, my friends and me are in Tokyo for two and a half weeks! I am very excited and we keep adding more and more things to the checklist- we are visiting some places outside of Tokyo, although this trip we won't go everywhere, and someday I want to go back again and go...
  3. Donut


    Hello, it's nice to meet everyone, I'm a slightly very talkative girl also living in the UK and a friend introduced me to the Discord and I was told about the forums! I properly got into anime when I was around 11 or 12, and I was that person who would later watch it on Youtube in three parts...