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  1. crashmatt

    Your best and worst of Spring season 2019

    It's that time again and honestly this has been one of the most dissapointing seasons in a long time especially for new anime. Anyway what did you rate and what did you hate? Great/ Excellent Attack on Titan S3pt2 Once again it delivers the goods, fast action and mystery thrown in. WIT will be...
  2. crashmatt

    The Best and Worst of the Autumn season

    It's that time again, the season is ending so what's been a hit and what's been shi.... Rubbish Great/ Fantastic Rascal doesn't dream of bunny girl senpai - genuine suprise of the season. It's refreshing to see a relationship develop rather than 12 episodes of blushing and missunderstandings...
  3. crashmatt

    Your best and worst of the Summer season

    I think it's fair to say it's not been a classic season by any stretch but as it draws to a close what do you rate and what do you hate? Great / Excellent Overlord S3 - yes im biased but I love Overlord despite the rubbish CGI Stiens Gate 0 - A very different series from the first but still...
  4. crashmatt

    Overlord Season 3 Ep1

    Ainz is Back! I cant get enough of the OP by Myth & Roid. Really nice change of pace seeing the guardians in their down time. Ainz has his hand full with a Albedo, (seriously though he needs to find a way of meeting her ...erm....needs) I think its a good breather before the start of the new...
  5. crashmatt

    The Best and Worst of the Spring season

    Its been a really busy season for me so as it draws to a close what did folks rate and hate? Great/ Excellent Hinamatsuri -the big suprise of the season. The chemistry between Hina and Nitta is hillarious, really hope there is another season Food Wars S3 pt 2 - We have actualy had character...
  6. crashmatt

    Your best and worst of the Winter season

    As we are getting to the business end of the season what have you loved and hated this season? I will kick things off: Great/ Excellent Overlord 2 - I love this series so no surprises here, give me more Madhouse! The Ancient Magus Bride - Great series made will allot of love from WIT studio...
  7. crashmatt

    Your best & worst of the Autumn/ Fall season

    Its that time again where shows are reaching their conclusion. I don't think its been a great season but there are still some decent shows out there. Anyway here's mine. Excellent >Good Magus Bride - I Love this series, the attention to detail and the characters. I really feel like im watching...
  8. crashmatt

    Your best & Worst of the Summer season 2017

    With the season ending soon, its that time again to see what everyone rates or hates. Its not what i'd call a classic season by any stretch but there have been some nice surprises. What are your best and worst and also biggest surprise of the season? Best of the season Made in Abyss not only...
  9. crashmatt

    The Retro Games Thread

    I've been meaning to make this post for a while now but after a recent rummage in my loft I've taken some pictures of some of my gaming collection. The purpose of the tread is to show your old games and consoles anything really up to PlayStation 2, original xbox and Game Cube. Show is your...
  10. crashmatt

    Your best & worst of the Spring season

    It's that time again folks, the end of the summer season is on the horizon so what did you rate and what did you hate? I've not included split cour shows as they are only half way through Best Attack on Titan - though it has its flaws it still massively entertaining Grimore of Zero - Bit of a...
  11. crashmatt

    The MCM London prediction thread

    With MCM London at the end of the month im wonder what people are expecting / hoping for from the Manga, Anime Limited and MVM in terms of new licences. Ive included a few of my own ideal licences under would like. Not expecting much from this season with the possible exception of AOT. Anime...
  12. crashmatt

    Overlord (US version)

    I'm looking to sell my Funimation copy of Overlord. It's region A only and as my plans to buy a multi region blu ray player have been put on the back burner it seems pointless keeping it even though I love the series. The set is in mint condition as are all the art cards which come in a...
  13. crashmatt

    Best and worst of the winter season?

    Its that time again where the season is comming to the end. What peoples top 3 shows and also worst of the season. Top 3 Konosuba S2 - Same as S1 despite crap animation it was alot of fun Tanya - Love this right up my street Dragon Maid - suprise hit of the season everyone seems to be watching...
  14. crashmatt

    Your best & worst of 2016

    As this season draws to a close in a couple of weeks I'm curious to see what everybody's top 3 best and worst shows of 2016 are. The only rules are that it has to have aired in 2016 but it can be a film or TV series. to kick things off here are mine Best 1) Re:Zero - I loved this show it...
  15. crashmatt

    Tsukimonogatari Blu ray new sealed

    I have a spare copy of Tsukimonogatari in Blu Ray (MVM) Its still sealed and brand new so I'm after £12 for it if anyone is interested. Postage is £3 (unless you want next day)
  16. crashmatt

    What's your anime of the season?

    As the spring season comes to a close, which series has impressed you the most? For me it's Re:Zero I genuinely think this could be the next big anime franchise given how well the LN are selling and how well the anime has been received. It just keeps getting better each week. White fox are...
  17. crashmatt

    Has Witch Craft Works been picked up by anyone?

    I can't find any information if anyone has picked this up either in the US or UK. I'm quite surprised as it's a decent series and the Manga is very good. I'd love anime Limited to get this and do something special with it.