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  1. coreydbz

    Fairy Tail DVDs (Ebay)

    A friend of mine has listed a few of his collections on eBay if anyone is interested. Fairy tail collection dvd | eBay Fairy Tail DVD collections 1-4 + parts 9-13 (Region 2) Edit: Dragon Ball Z Complete Series Sold.
  2. coreydbz

    Love Hina Collection Question

    Can someone please tell me if episode 25 is included in this boxset? Love Hina Collection (inc Christmas & Spring specials)
  3. coreydbz

    New Beez Anime Legends Releases

    Some new Anime Legends pre-orders just popped up on from Beez. PlanetES Gurren Lagann Code Geass
  4. coreydbz

    Dragonball Z: Vegeta Saga (Singles, Region 1)

    I'm selling my old Dragonball Z: Vegeta Saga DVD'd volumes 1-5 including the collectors box. They are the Region 1 Editions Funimation canceled after deciding to release the remastered season sets. £5 + £1 Delivery (Per Volume) They are in practically brand new condition and contain no visible...
  5. coreydbz

    Chobits: Complete Collection (For Sale)

    Is anyone interested in buying the Chobits: Complete Collection. Studio: Mvm Region: 2 Condition: They have no collectors box its just the 6 individual volumes. They have been viewed once and have no visible scratches on the disc's or case. Payment Methods: Paypal Price: £25 + £2 Delivery
  6. coreydbz

    Sentai Filmworks Announce Dub For Clannad After Story

    From: ... anime-film I LOVE SENTAI FILMWORKS!!. After the recent and awesome news of 'Needless' getting licensed with a dub, Sentai announce the long awaited dub of Clannad After Story, I just recently purchased the first season after watching Kannon and...
  7. coreydbz

    Needless - Anime R1 License Blu-Ray/Dubbed

    Taken from I personally will be importing my copy from America but if it gets licensed here then i maybe patient enough to wait till then (Maybe). So cross your fingers and hope Manga or Beez decide to...
  8. coreydbz

    Summer Wars / The Girl Who Leapt Through Time [Blu-ray]

    Amazon have just listed Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time as a Blu-ray boxset for £17.99 while have it for £23.99. I previously had them separately pre-ordered on for £14.99 each so this is a bargain, grab it while the price is still low. :D
  9. coreydbz

    Eden Of The East (Blu-Ray) - Delayed

    I just got and e-mail from saying my estimated arrival date is now December 01 2010. That sucks, now I'm gonna have to wait another month before i can watch it and the American release is region locked and double the price so thats a no, no for me. :(
  10. coreydbz

    Nausicaa - Blu-Ray

    My Nausicaa Blu-Ray dispatched yesterday from even though the release date is 18th October. Has any one else had theirs dispatched or recieved it yet?
  11. coreydbz

    Manga 3rd Announcement Clue?

    So any ideas on what it might be?
  12. coreydbz

    Identify This Anime (Solved)

    Can someone please tell me the name of this anime Solved: The Anime is Ask Dr. Rin ARB EDIT: Removed the image due to it having a sub group mentioned at the bottom left. I'm afraid we can't and won't discuss sub groups on the forums.
  13. coreydbz

    My-Hime Anime legends Ep 17 Error (Region 2)

    Is anyone else who owns 'My-Hime Anime Legends Collection' from Beez having problems with episode 17 of the english dub? For me at about 14 min into the episode the audio speeds up and it sounds like there on helium for about 5 seconds then returns to normal, this also makes the video unsync...