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    Guillermo Del Toro and HBO to make Live-action "Monster"

    Well not something I expected to read today, but this has the elements to be something amazing. HBO always does good work and GDT is a sound fit. Let's hope the buzz it will potentially generate means the anime will finally get release over here too... Source...
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    Avengers DVD has been cut

    There's been posts on showing that the scene where Coulson is stabbed has been edited to digitally remove most of the spear tip poking out the other side. For once this may not be down to the BBFC though, since there's no evidence that they reviewed a censored version, only the...
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    Bleach ending question (no spoilers please)

    I read that the Bleach anime ended in March. Since I didn't intend to start watching until it had a definitive end that's good for me, but I also want to know if the ending is a proper ending and not just a cancellation. I don't want details, just confirmation that it does serve as a proper...
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    Good First Episodes

    I have a funny feeling this has already been a topic before so if so please don't hit me, but I thought it might be interesting. I'm not just talking about good opening episodes that give way to a good series I mean REALLY good first episodes which stand among the best of a series even when...
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    General Games Discussion

    I know we have the "what games are you playing" thread which is good for currently released games, but I figured it made sense to have a thread like the news thread instead of several fragmented topics that get orphaned fast unless it's a game of some significance. Anyway the main reason I...
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    Spike VGAs

    Thought I'd just make a spot to discuss some of the trailers released during the vgas, namely Metal Gear Rising: Revengance (Formerly MGS Rising). What do you guys think? It looks pretty good to me, though the hard rock trailer was a bit much. It was trying too hard to be badass, when the...
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    How big's your DVD/VHS/Blu-ray etc. collection?

    A simple question, I'd always thought of myself as having an above average-sized collection compared with most of my friends, but seeing some of the anime collections on here has revised that view :P So I was just wondering what the damage is :P Currently mine stands at 196, aiming for a...
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    Hellsing Ultimate subtitle issues?

    Anyone have any issues with subs while watching Hellsing Ultimate? I noticed it particularly in HU2, that every now and then (though not so often as it became a bother) a subtitle would be missing, but not completely missing... it's like the player didn't register it, because if I rewind it past...
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    Webcomic Thread

    Thought it might be nice to have a place for discussing/ showcasing various webcomics =) Here's a few I follow: Awkward Zombie: Cyanide and Happiness: Darths and Droids: Hejibits...
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    Difficulty in Games

    I was reading this article on IGN And I thought I'd just ask the resident AUKN gamer crowd how hard (easy now...) they like their games. Personally, I like a fair balance. I like a game to have challenge, but not so much that it...
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    Firearm speciality

    I was just wondering, in shooters, what is your preferred weapon type? Personally, I generally go for an all-rounder mid-range weapon (SMG, assault rifle) with shotgun as back up. I'm not much of a sniper, I think the only games where I have any consistent measure of accuracy with a sniper...
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    Story vs. Plot

    I just read this article on IGN and I thought it was worthy of discussion. What are some animes/ films/ games that you consider to have a good plot or a good story? FYI one of the definitions of story is plot, so while the semantics used...
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    Star Wars Blu-rays

    Just thought I'd start a discussion topic here, who's buying, who's not. There's been a few alleged changes made which have yet again set the internet on fire *eyeroll* Here's the links: Vader NO in ROTJ Wicket blinks (can't find a clip...
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    TV is killing us? ... ds-newsxml Now I know that's from the Mail but I heard it on the BBC first. Either way I call absolute BS. As bad as smoking? Give it a rest. They're just looking for headline grabbing, scaremongering. People have been watching TV for years (it's...
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    Something I noticed about high school set anime

    The main character (or one of them at least) ALWAYS gets a seat on the left most side of the classroom by the window, with the sole purpose of being able to rest there chin on their hand and stare out the window meaningfully. Anyone else noticed that? It's kind of funn really. Haruhi...
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    The Dark Knight Rises

    Avengers has a thread so it's only fair TDKR get one too. Mostly an excuse to discuss the first official Catwoman image, which to say it has been controversial would be an understatement (going by CBM's comments anyway) What d'ya reckon? It doesn't look very "catty" and considering...
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    For Sale: Haruhi Suzumiya S2 minus Haruhi-chan

    I basically have little interest in H2 so I figured there'd be someone who wanted a) the r2 version b) without having to pay more for a series they didn't want. So, basically you'll be getting the complete Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 but NOT the Haruhi-chan part 1 DVD which comes in a separate...
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    American arrested in Canada on child porn charges for manga ... in-canada/ Thought this might be of interest to any loli-fans planning a trip to Canada. Also a discussion point of course.
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    Do we prefer to love or hate?

    I was reading the vast outpouring of loathing for the Transformers movies in light of the third’s release and I found myself wondering: Do we, as a species, find more enjoyment in hating something (or at least talking about hating something) than loving something? You may scoff, but ask...
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    Anime series or movies that are better received overseas

    By which I mean outside of Japan. I know that in many cases, the big series in Japan are big here too (Bleach, Death Note, Dragonball) but I was wondering if there are any series where the opposite is true?