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  1. zrdb

    Dirty Pair Memes

    Geez Kei, if you're so hot and bothered-NOT HERE!
  2. zrdb

    Rem From Re:ZERO Ukiyo-e Version Limited Life-Size Figure

    Rightstuf has a limited (make that extremely limited) life size figure of Rem for only $39,999.99.........!?!?! REALLY? I thought it was a joke at first. I'll bet I could have something like that made for $8000 or even $10,000...
  3. zrdb

    Why don't gifs work on avatars?

    I might have asked this question before but why don't gifs work when using one for an avatar?
  4. zrdb

    The Dirty Pair-A Quick Review

    First of all let me say the Dirty Pair is the series that got me into anime 20 years ago. Dirty Pair consists of 3 series and 3 movies (although Affair On Norlandia and Flight 005 Conspiracy I consider to be ovas) while Project Eden is a true movie. Kei and Yuri are called the Dirty Pair because...