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  1. sideways

    Sideways Sale (Ghibli dvds)

    Just a couple of Ghibli dvds Only Yesterday Ocean Waves £8 each plus postage
  2. sideways

    Anime shops in London

    i'm going to london in 2 weeks and was wondering what shops there are that sell anything anime related i know that theres a tokyotoys there but is there anything else
  3. sideways

    Dragonball Z season 9

    new a sealed the orange box "remastered" season 9 its regions 1, 2 and 4 - even though most sites say its only region 1 i'm looking for £15 for it
  4. sideways

    Hi everyone

    hi i've thought i'd finally join the forums after just reading them for a while, been a anime for at least 10 years (i'm 24 incase ur wondering) so a long time fan
  5. sideways

    Memorabilia 27th - 28th March as topic says 27th - 28th March so only a week to go i've been quite a few times and theres plenty of anime stuff to buy