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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    How to train your Dragon 2, I'd give it a solid 7 maybe 7.5 not as good as the original but very good none the less and a pleasure to watch with my son at the cinema.
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    Big-ass clearout

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    Claymore Series Comes to a Close

    I've been reading the translations [illegally] and it can't end like this surely...
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    Gyo Anime Trailer

    Hmm more light nightmare.. Sushi chefs want fresh fish... not rotting with metal legs... ;)
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    Gyo Anime Trailer

    Cool some really fu*&edup anime. I remember reading the first manga and thinking this is very weird.
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    the worst animes ever made

    Samurai Deeper Kyo. Poor plot, descended into monster of the week format, weak animation and far too long.
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    Beez Entertainment too! Unconfirmed rumour as yet!

    It's like we are going back to the 90's VHS days!
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    Bandai Entertainment is Dead!

    Good god, I think part of the reason is that the buyers are aging. When I was a student/young adult I bought maybe a season every two months. Now i'm a father it is maybe one every 6 months...
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    Live-Action Akira Green-lit

    Are they not one in the same person :S
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    Last Exile "Simulwatch"

    Oh Poo I hadnt noticed this thread (been busy) I'm a huge Last exile fan!
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    Live-Action Akira Green-lit

    Bella "Fecking" Swan for Kei!?!
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    Deus Ex : Human Revolution PS3.. its GHOST IN THE SHELL!!

    I've only had a chance to get about 3 hours in, but i'm enjoying it.
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    New Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing Trailer

    All the chars look very young? I liked the original so this should be worth a look.
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    No Valkyria Chronicles 3 for you.

    I found the PSP version fine... Btw to all the valk fans the design archive book is awesome!
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    The General Conversation Area

    All i can say is Deus EX Squeee!
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    Deus Ex : Human Revolution PS3.. its GHOST IN THE SHELL!!

    Dispatched! SQUEEE!
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    im looking for a anime girl to talk anime on skype or msn

    Or just join the live chat and talk to people in real time...
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    Fall Anime Season 2011

    The only think to twitch my ear is the new last exile series... I've been a bit Meh about anime since Moribito (the last decent series imo)
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    Three strikes and you're out! Xam'd Blu-ray Part 2 cancelled

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    What did you RECEIVE today?

    Valkyria chronicles design book arrived. Only looked at it for 15 minutes but it looks ace. The design work is stunning. Not 100% happy with the semi soft binding. Would prefer a proper hard back. Some of the concept art is fantastic! I like the metal slug/dominion tank police tank designs!