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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    If you'd like to discuss a moderation decision, please feel free to DM an admin and we can take a look for you.
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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    It's most likely an issue with your browser's privacy settings - which Firefox have stricter by default than other browsers. It's a good thing overall, but it does mean that sometimes it'll interfere with third-party embeds, like tweets. Unfortunately, there's not really much we can do to...
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    UK Anime Distributor Funimation/Manga UK Discussion Thread

    Given that the new Funimation and the old Funimation UK are quite different beasts, I think continuing to use this thread is reasonable enough, honestly. To avoid confusion, I've renamed this thread appropriately and unstuck the old Funimation UK thread.
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    Anime Limited Announce More US Expansion Plans; Hire Miles Thomas as Chief Marketing Officer

    Miles joins from his previous position as Director for Community Marketing at Crunchyroll, and is a frequent presence within Twitter's anime community. Continue reading...
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    End of an Era: Manga Entertainment Rebrands to Funimation in the UK and Ireland

    Titles including Blue Exorcist are being added to the Funimation streaming service to celebrate the new name. Continue reading...
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    Relationships and Romance

    Not even slightly bad. No-one else should be able to tell you what you want or don't want, especially in the context of a relationship. There's a hundred valid reasons why you might not be interested in finding a partner, and any one of them is good enough - not least because if you're not...
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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    The forum is timing out when it tries to process the animation - generally it'll carry on in the background and update your avatar when it's done, but the forum software (for some reason) doesn't show that properly. I'll see what I can do to fix it :)
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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    I've reworked the stickies in there - it's perhaps a bit drastic, but it seems the fairest way to surface the most relevant topics :)
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    Seven Seas License Accomplishment of a Duke’s Daughter, Call Girl in Another World, Hello World, and More for 2021

    The Ghost Ship and recently-minted Airship imprints tap a whole slate of titles for release in the US and UK Continue reading...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello! Welcome to Anime UK News! If you'd like to share your content, I recommend creating a thread in the Creative Arena forum and posting your videos there. :)
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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    Yeah. It's a lot better in a whole bunch of aspects, but they've committed hard to the idea of a single toolbar row and haven't even considered allowing for two. If add too many icons to fit on a single line, it just... breaks.
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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    There are different toolbar layouts based on the size of your device - we have four different layouts to account for portrait phones, small tablets and landscape phones, large tablets and laptops, and desktops. Because you're on the phone size, the toolbar is designed for very small phone...
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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    I'll see if I can do anything to help. It may be something that we can't control ourselves, but which a future update can resolve for us. It's the button at the far right of the toolbar - with the document and hourglass. :) I've tweaked the layout to fit as much into the main toolbar as I can...
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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    It should’ve set itself automatically according to your browser’s locale and system timezone - as you say, if it does so incorrectly you can change it, but I’ve not heard of anyone else reporting an incorrect locale. Just in case, I’ll check that the default/fallback locale is set to UK time...
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    Konnichiwa! ^^

    The user was indeed a real person, and yes, they requested that their account be deleted. I did check in with them to make sure nothing was amiss, and they let me know that there was no negative reason behind it, which is good. :)
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    Get Spooked For Cheap With Humble and Kodansha's Terrifying Tales Manga Bundle

    Grab over 130 volumes of sinister and/or sweet manga for £15.71, and support charity in the process! Continue reading...
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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    The latest XenForo update was released recently, so I've installed that - I'm not certain whether they've fixed the issue, but hopefully it helps. :)
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    New Forums: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    I'll take a look into this - last time it was a bug that was resolved by the next forum update, so it might be that the same is true here as well, but I'll see what can be done :)
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    I’ve removed Kissanime from the swear filter while it’s a relevant discussion. It was only supposed to blacklist links to their domains, but hey, removing the name entirely from our forums is no bad thing...