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    Anime Limited Announce More US Expansion Plans; Hire Miles Thomas as Chief Marketing Officer

    Miles joins from his previous position as Director for Community Marketing at Crunchyroll, and is a frequent presence within Twitter's anime community. Continue reading...
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    End of an Era: Manga Entertainment Rebrands to Funimation in the UK and Ireland

    Titles including Blue Exorcist are being added to the Funimation streaming service to celebrate the new name. Continue reading...
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    Seven Seas License Accomplishment of a Duke’s Daughter, Call Girl in Another World, Hello World, and More for 2021

    The Ghost Ship and recently-minted Airship imprints tap a whole slate of titles for release in the US and UK Continue reading...
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    Get Spooked For Cheap With Humble and Kodansha's Terrifying Tales Manga Bundle

    Grab over 130 volumes of sinister and/or sweet manga for £15.71, and support charity in the process! Continue reading...
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    Anime Limited Talks Weathering With You, 4K Blu-Rays, and What's Next

    We talk to Andy Hanley about Mr. Shinkai's UK visit, the challenges in producing the UK's first 4K anime home video release, and ask some questions from the community. Continue reading...
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    Hanasaku Iroha Part 1 Review

    MVM’s release of Mari Okada’s hot spring teen drama finally means we can watch it again in the UK. But does it soothe our aching souls, or just leave us all hot and bothered? Continue reading...
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    Don't Miss Your Chance to Win JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Loot!

    WRYYYYYYYYYYYY miss out on the chance to win some fantastic prizes? Continue reading...
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    Recent Downtime (06/05/2019) – Forum Upgrade

    Hi all! It's upgrade season again, so like before, we will be experiencing some short downtime starting just after 9am BST tomorrow (Monday, 6th May 2019), in order to apply upgrades to the forums. The forums will be closed while this is happening, so you won't be able to read it or post...
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    Announcing the Anime UK News Readers' Choice Awards 2018 Winners!

    The votes are in! The top anime and manga of 2018 have been decided by fans, but did your favourite make it into the Anime UK News Readers Choice Awards 2018? Continue reading...
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    Angel Beats! Now Available on Netflix UK

    UK viewers can now legally stream P.A. Works' afterlife romp again. Continue reading...
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    Humble Bundle Launches 'Humble Manga Bundle: Fantasy'

    Get cheap digital copies of Drifting Dragons, Cells at Work, Flying Witch, Noragami, and more. Continue reading...
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    Vote Now in the Anime UK News Readers’ Choice Awards 2018!

    You've nominated your favourites – now don't miss the chance to crown the best anime, manga, and light novels of 2018! Continue reading...
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    Submit Your Nominations for the Anime UK News Readers' Choice Awards 2018!

    It's awards season again – and this time, we're letting you decide the Reader's Choice Awards shortlist! Continue reading...
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    Humble Announces Humble Book Bundle: Tales of Horror

    Featuring Ajin: Demi-Human, Parasyte, Devils' Line, Dragon Head, and more. Continue reading...
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    “The Works of Mamoru Hosoda” Exhibition Announced for October

    Artwork, storyboards, and other elements from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Wolf Children, Mirai, and more will be exhibited for a week in London's West End Continue reading...
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    Drifters: Battle in a Brand-New World War Confirmed For Release in the UK

    The 2016 anime has finally been dated for a UK home video release on the 8th October. Continue reading...
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    Anime UK News is looking for new writers!

    We're expanding our team, and we want you to be a part of it! Continue reading...
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    BANANA FISH: Episode 1

    The first episode of the MAPPA crime show aired earlier this week on Amazon Prime. What did you think? Show page: Amazon Prime
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    DARLING in the FRANXX: Episode 24

    This week is the last episode of DARLING in the FRANXX. What did you think of the finale? Show page: Crunchyroll
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    Weekly streaming discussion – rules and info

    This forum is a place to discuss anime as it streams in the UK, and serves as an extension of the viewing journal thread. Please feel free to give feedback if you think anything isn't working quite like it should. A few things to remember: Each episode of a series should get its own thread in...