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  1. Just Passing Through

    A Gundam Themed PC Build

    I'm addicted to Youtube, and came across this video that might interest, Jayz2Cents builds a Gundam Themed PC. You might want to avoid if the GPU situation makes your head explode as it contains a 3080...
  2. Just Passing Through

    Site resurrection weirdness, Eyeonanime?

    I used to visit Eyeonanime years ago, it was a nice, homey site that really thrived best in the DVD age. Just out of curiosity I clicked the old dead link, and found some content on there. Not a lot, but some. Anyone know what's going on? Is it a genuine nostalgia trip, or has someone bought the...
  3. Just Passing Through

    Anime versus reality, interesting video

    This isn't about voice acting per se as it is about scripted dialogue, and how anime characters' language differs from real world Japanese. I guess not every toddler speaks like Stewie Griffin
  4. Just Passing Through

    My Hero Academia: LA

    I haven't seen this posted... I quite enjoyed it.
  5. Just Passing Through

    Viz Media Europe, Kaze, Anime On Demand is all now Crunchyroll I read this news twice, checked the date, but it doesn't look like an April fool. Crunchyroll apparently has bought out Viz Media Europe and all their subsidiaries and holdings...
  6. Just Passing Through

    New GITSSAC trailer

    For once, I don’t want to watch a new Ghost in the Shell. Pants doesn’t begin to describe this.
  7. Just Passing Through

    Renting discs by post is still a thing?

    I was just curious about this, and it turns out that there is a company called Cinema Paradiso which still does the old discs by post thing, Blu-ray and DVD. So any of these anime not available to stream?,inc=0
  8. Just Passing Through

    Tanuki on the loose I don't know where Clarborough is, but be careful if you're local, and find yourself in a Pom Poko parade!
  9. Just Passing Through

    So what just happened at UK Anime Network?

    Last week a podcast was put up that apparently offended several people, and was subsequently pulled... The fallout has included a resignation, change in editorial staff. And contributors are leaving the site. Tweet Tweet This is anime, stuff that we watch to have a good time. Suddenly a major...
  10. Just Passing Through

    New Site: Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    Now that the front of the site is back, I suppose it's inevitable that this thread would be necessary, so I took the liberty of starting it with a question... Is there any alphabetical listing of reviews to browse through as on the old site, or the possibility of creating one? Otherwise...
  11. Just Passing Through

    Invalid Security Certificate! Connection Not Secure

    I guess someone forgot to flick a switch.
  12. Just Passing Through

    What do you think about audio commentaries?

    Are they just filler to "make up" extras where Japanese companies are unwilling to part with material, or are they of actual use and of interest? I love me a Clementary, as he's to anime what Bey Logan is to kung fu, always informative, always interesting, and always entertaining. You learn...
  13. Just Passing Through got hacked...

    UK Anime Network has the news. I had a quick look at my account, and all I have on there is my e-mail address and a password. No identity to steal. I tried the HPI Identity leak checker and it seems that August 2016, an account was compromised, which would tally with what the news item says...
  14. Just Passing Through

    How do new anime fans get into the medium?

    When I were a lad, this was all fields as far as the eye could see, and they used to show anime on TV. That's how I got into anime, stubling across Channel 4's Late License and watching shows like Legend of the 4 Kings, and Cyber City Oedo 808, as well as catching movies like Akira and Wings of...
  15. Just Passing Through

    Funimation giving away Nichijou wallpapers

    As mentioned on Fandom Post Need the help of a proxy though. Stupid US and UK sites!
  16. Just Passing Through

    Brexit and the UK Anime Industry!

    Well it happened, despite Jerome's dire warnings of catastrophe, and we're on the way out. If you were thinking about importing some anime, you might be pausing right now, given that the pound plummeted last night. That might be good for the UK anime companies in the short term, the aggrieved...
  17. Just Passing Through

    DVDFab Passkey is Free till the end of the month!

    If you watch Blu-ray and DVD via your PC, then this will be of use. Install it and it defeats Region locks and encryption for DVD and Blu-ray (of course you'll need other software to watch the discs with, but you'll be multi-region. And till the end of the month, the lifetime licence is free...
  18. Just Passing Through

    Naruto Shippuden Collection 21 Replacement Programme enacted

    Manga announce a replacement programme. Take it back to the retailer...
  19. Just Passing Through

    Animatsu announce Future Diary on behalf of Kaze via Manga

    It's Kaze :( Thought it was an Animatsu joint as it was posted on their Facebook feed, but since Animatsu, Manga and Kaze are one big happy family, it's a bit of pot luck as to who brings out what!
  20. Just Passing Through

    MVM are releasing Amnesia in July!

    At least according to this competition on their site. I don't recall them announcing it before. I think it's new