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  1. Vincentdante

    Garden of Sinners Simulwatch.

    Garden of Sinners Simulwatch. Who is ready for some Nasuverse levels of mind breaking? Proposed dates and times are as follows. 9th October 2021 11th October 2021...
  2. Vincentdante

    Barakamon Simulwatch and Calligraphy learning.

    Barakamon Simulwatch to begin September 1st at one episode a day. This is a twelve episode anime series so we will be done in time for Shiki.
  3. Vincentdante

    Let's write a Shonen battle anime

    Inspired by some thoughts around how most Shonen tends to lose track of it's own plot and how drawn out events are on a per-episode basis I thought this could make for a potential forum game. Rules are simple. Write out the episode number (or title if you feel creative) and write a short...
  4. Vincentdante

    Discussing anime adaptations of visual novels

    I'm going to have to be that guy and say after playing the VN the Anime is pretty terrible. It rushes through the story and skips out so much lol
  5. Vincentdante

    Spoopy Anime

    It's October and almost Halloween. For me I make it a tradition to try and watch or play any horror related media I can get my hands on as I am a fan of the genre. I've been an anime collector for over a year now since I brought into AL's christmas mystery boxes in 2018. So the thought occured...
  6. Vincentdante

    Birthday party thread

    The UK has moved into May 10th and it has become my cakeday. That is all, this thread is now a party hard thread 🥳
  7. Vincentdante

    Made in Abyss

    With more people jumping on the show thanks to MVM's release I thought I would make a thread to dump all of my memes to seriously discuss the show. Seriously this show is good, besides Berserk this is the only show that ever got me to pick up the Manga to see what would happen next. So anyway...
  8. Vincentdante


    "General Manga Chit-Chat" > "Search" > "Berserk" > No results found. I will get my own kingdom thread. Let's talk Berserk, use this thread for anything Berserk manga related. So how many here are caught up with the last chapter?
  9. Vincentdante

    Hello all

    Hello everyone, I just discoevered this place the other day while googling if there were any other people waiting for Anime Limited's Christmas sales stuff still :p I have been lurking for the last few days and thought you all seem a friendly bunch so I wanted to make an account and introduce...