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  1. Voddas

    How do you deal with completing a good anime?

    Like most of you, I use anime as an escape form the real world, somewhere where I can forget about how mundane and boring day to day life is, and just fantasize about something more! Even then, there are times that you watch a series that really hits home with you. By this I don't just mean...
  2. Voddas

    Share your random Sketches/Doodles with AUKN!

    I thought I'd make this topic for the AUKN user who wants to post a one off sketch or doodle they feel like sharing. This obviously doesn't apply to the regular Creative Arena posters who deserve/want to be singled out for their own work. I for one like to share what I create, although it ends...
  3. Voddas


    There on the ledge I stand, 200 feet in the air. I dare not look down. Instead my eyes stay trained on the horizon of trees and sky. Sweat trickles down my brow, that’s when I notice the cool breeze. It would probably be unnoticeable to me on another day, but not today. My senses have been...
  4. Voddas


    BATTLEFIELD 3 I was suprised to find there doesn't appear to be a topic for Battlefield 3 on here guys! That may just be me though. I've been waiting for this game ever since I finally put down Battlefield 2 several years ago. BF 3 is a modern warfare FPS which features several game modes...
  5. Voddas

    Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake!!

    A massive earthquake has hit the north-east of Japan, triggering a tsunami that has caused extensive damage. Japanese television showed cars, ships and even buildings being swept away by a vast wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude earthquake. The quake has sparked fires in several areas...
  6. Voddas

    Doctor... I have these stabbing pains...

    lol and holy ****! ... ds-newsxml I've seen some wierd things stuck in people but this is just crazy. :?
  7. Voddas

    This isn't goodbye....

    But rather see you all later. Due to work and personal life taking a firm hold of my time, I'm finding it harder and harder to make vists to the forum. I'm not saying I'm going away forever, but at the very least my vists will become extremely rare. Just wanted to let you all know I...
  8. Voddas

    Creating a Manga/Graphic Novel

    Hyperthetically speaking, if I was wanting to create a Manga or graphic novel, what would be the best techniques to use in your opinions? Lets say the story itself has been completed and now it's time to put it onto paper. How much would be done using pens/pencils etc. and how much would...
  9. Voddas


    Just out of intrest. I was wondering where AUKN's primary support for the election was leaning towards out of the three main contenders. You don't have to vote and obviously you don't have to state who you voted for if you do. I just thought it would be interesting.
  10. Voddas

    OnLive to launch in June!

    A gaming service that aims to kill off the traditional gaming console will begin streaming popular games over the internet in June this year! Get the rest of the BBC's trollop HERE! Is it plausable? You be the judge. I'm fairly confident this will not affect the game console market in...
  11. Voddas

    Ebay Scam Revolt!

    Was just reading this and thought I'd share it with you lot. Jeff the Legend! Read the story here! May he rest in peace. ;) P-P-P-POWER BOOK! lol
  12. Voddas

    I want Battle Chronicles!!!!

    Been wondering for a while now... are we having a Battle this year? Can't believe it's been 10 months since the last one. If enough people wanted it, could it be done? Or is there a reason that our fragile minds could not take as to why no Battles have been brought up thus far. Can anyone...
  13. Voddas

    Manga on your iPhone!

    Was introduced to this iPhone App from a fellow MAL user. It seems to be running with *link removed* Basically, you have access to 100's of manga where ever and when ever you want! I didn't think twice about the purchase and I've just been reading Love Hina! to test it out. Some of the...
  14. Voddas

    Left 4 Dead II

    Was reading up on THIS hands-on preview from "Rock, Paper, Shotgun". Looks good to me. I loved and am still loving L4D like, so it's no suprise that I'm excited about this. Thought I'd give any fans a heads up (if they hadn't already heard something). ^_^ PRESS RELEASE VALVE ANNOUNCES...
  15. Voddas

    Possible Missing Evolutionary Link!

    Possible Missing Evolutionary Link! I heard this on the news the other day and found it quite intresting. Suprised no one had made a thread about it yet. This fossil is believed to be the missing link of our evolution, or at least part of it. It's the earliest recorded fossil at a ripe old...
  16. Voddas

    Funny & Cool Youtube Vidoes (post them here!)

    Thought I'd just randomly create this thread, mainly so I can post this video my mate showed me. What do you get when you cross a Japanese Dub of Arnie's Commando with the Kirby theme tune... ? ... Pure gold! That's what. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  17. Voddas

    Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

    I was and still am addicted to the first game so I'm sure a few of you will be happy to read THIS little find. As far as I'm concerned, this will be COD5. I'm pretending World at War never happened to be honest as (imo) all it was was a step in the wrong direction in the COD franchise...
  18. Voddas

    Romance Based Anime Suggestions

    I'm not really in the know when it comes to Romance based anime. My main viewing consists of action, horror and recently Gundam. I have however seen and enjoyed Romantic anime in the past. I wouldn't mind watching more and also, the misses is more likely to join me in the anime watching if it...
  19. Voddas

    The 'oh-so Mature' Seinen Thread

    I've completed Dogs and found it very enjoyable but just one thing... Would this Subject not have been better, being brought up in the Manga Discussion thread? No Agression intended :lol:
  20. Voddas

    Serial Experiments Lain (Sub or Dub)

    I bought LAIN while I was over in the USA last week along with some other animes and wanted your opinions. What would you say was best, the English Dub or the English Sub (Sub obviously being the official Geneon translation). I gonna start watching it and couldn't decide which one to watch...