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  1. Lordhippos

    Ping Pong simulwatch [RS] (3rd November start)

    Ping Pong MAL Link [Part of the Renegade Simulwatch] Start date set to Weds 3rd November, finishing on Sun 14th of November :) This is currently available for streaming on Funi. This has been on my radar for a while to watch so very interested to see how this one plays out. From the same...
  2. Lordhippos

    Renegade Simulwatch Club [RS]

    Renegade Simulwatch Club What is it? It's an alternate to the Regular Simulwatches that are held. It's clear there is a demand for more simulwatch content, but the list is long and the days are short. This thread will be for discussing and arranging these alternate simulwatches. Threads...
  3. Lordhippos

    Anthem of the Heart simulwatch [RS] (27- 31st August)

    Anthem of the Heart MAL Link [Part of the Renegade Simulwatch] This was the film that was voted for, with I want to eat your Pancreas being a close second place :) Running date is basically from now until the end of the 31st of August, this means this will end prior to the new simulwatch of...
  4. Lordhippos

    Shiki simulwatch [RS] (15th September)

    Shiki MAL Link [Part of the Renegade Simulwatch] Sadly I don't have any witty post titles in mind as I know next to nothing about the show, but it's on my plan to watch list so I may as well watch it, and invite along anyone else who wants to watch it as well :) I quite like watching stuff...
  5. Lordhippos

    Space Farming

    Some people seemed interested in my random large storage purchase, so I wanted to provide a little insight into what I am doing. Before I go further I would highlight that I am not an expert at this so what I say is largely my own opinions, do your own research etc. Crypto Currency Before I go...
  6. Lordhippos

    Satoshi Kon in 4 days (ad-hoc simulwatch optional)

    I have 2 days off work at the start of next week so I've decided I'm going to try and watch all 4 Satoshi Kon films in the next 4 days. Hopefully this doesn't break any forum rules. Having never watched any of them, I understand they are very good/interesting. Will I enjoy them? Hopefully. Will...