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  1. cudwieser

    Anime Magazines

    It's been time since I last read an anime mag. As it stands the only Mag I've any involvement with is Otaku USA and it's their newsletter more so than the mag. The last I read Neo was years ago now. I'm actually content not to by physical media as while I still keep a few choice issues, there...
  2. cudwieser

    Figure discussion/picture thread

    Hope this is alright with you @Professor Irony , but saw this on offer for any Re: Zero fans so I'm dropping it here if anyone is interested in spending the cash down the back of the sofa :)...
  3. cudwieser

    Retro Anime Podcast - Next Episode

    Never say never. Who owns the rights to Blue Sonnet anyway? Do IP's ever reach a point of public domain where anime is concerned?
  4. cudwieser

    Retro Anime Podcast - Next Episode

    It's one that so urgently needs remastered and rereleased. I remember seeing Blue Sonnet a good while ago. It was one of the first to get me into collecting and I'm sorely irked it's lost to the winds. There are only VHS's of it short of downloading it illegally. That said It is a very...
  5. cudwieser

    Anime Recommendations?

    If you like older anime (and you can find/import them) you should try Cowboy Bebop (the eternal go to anime) Slayers (a category onto itself) Deadman Wonderland Dragonball (another category onto itself) Bleach Only When they Cry (for the dark and twisted) Neon Genesis (that's 3 staples now)...
  6. cudwieser

    Looking for this anime magazine online.

    They have a Face Book Page. Heres a link to sub Neo - Half year subscription If you want a good online anime source this site is infinitely better for reviews and fair opinion imo.
  7. cudwieser

    Manga entertainment early 90's

    Brings a nice perspective of how many top titles that are up for re-release are from the 90's (and some duds like La Blue Girl). I might be bias ( I own about a third of that list) but modern anime has been a slow decline. There are excellent titles today but not as many imo.
  8. cudwieser

    Anybody have any good suggestions on anime?

    I don't know if you're one for older anime and DVD's (have we come this far) but If you don't mind some older icons then heres a list of personal favourites and others I've seen. Are there any other Genres you like? In no particular order (some liberty will be taken) Cowboy Bebop (seminal...
  9. cudwieser

    Need help this is bugging me massively

    I'm inclined to agree. blue gender - Google Search
  10. cudwieser

    Anime/OVA theme music

    Just to throw in a few faves (and some predictable ones), but Otlaw Star intro and Outro. Add in Redline intro and outro and you've some of the most instantly recognisable and fail safe tunes. The last is Cowboy Bebop. If you want to get a truly nerdy demographic you can risk Sailor Moon. A few...
  11. cudwieser

    Your viewing journal

    Just knocked out episodes 3 through 10 of Cells at work. It's definately a nice sunday anime. Will finish out the last 4 episodes soon.
  12. cudwieser

    Your viewing journal

    Watching Cells at Work on CrunchyRoll. The first two episodes were a good mix of funny and entertaining. It's light hearted so far and we'll see where it goes.
  13. cudwieser

    Retro Mecha Podcast - Next Episode

    A Mech is not just for Christmas. It's for washing up as well :)
  14. cudwieser

    Selling stuff

    The difficulty isn't selling, it's buying. No money to burn I'm afraid.
  15. cudwieser

    Retro Anime Podcast - Next Episode

    Ditto on Prof Irony. It'll be a new one on me so I'll be all the keener on what you have to say. Gonna be a bit bold and ask opinions on Cyber Formula, Dead Leaves and Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust.
  16. cudwieser

    Retro Mecha Podcast - Next Episode

    Been a while. I've tripped over FSS a few times, but never picked it up. It'll be interesting to get a trusted opinion on it. When do you think it'll be out?
  17. cudwieser

    Your viewing journal

    Just gave episode 1 of Ushio and Tora a spin. Seems to be familiar ground but watchable.
  18. cudwieser

    Your viewing journal

    Getting into streaming now (always like to be fashionably late). Haven't even finished Blood Blockade Battlefront episode 1 and I'm in love. already with the humor alone. Anyone else have an opinion?
  19. cudwieser

    Spreading the Word

    Grave isn't offensive in the traditional sense and the violence is proportional to context. It is mature for a 12 rated film due to it's historical relevance and narrative, but it isn't sexuallised or grotesque in it's depiction. I would agree with you with-holding it though. Wait until she asks...