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  1. RadFemHedonist

    Who wants to see all the creative stuff I do when I'm not watching anime?

    Sooo... not all of this is anime themed and I'm not sure if it's allowed for that reason (my sincere apologies to the mods if it isn't but I couldn't find a clear answer to that question as there are no stickies/rules posts in this part of the forum). But I do like to do creative things to...
  2. RadFemHedonist

    Selling anime/etc. and manga from my collection

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone wants to buy any of the following, all of which I own and am looking to sell, buyer pays P&P, I'm looking for either offers of money or offers of swaps for anime Blu-rays or other animation on Blu-ray (will also consider titles only available on DVD outside of...