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    A little help here, folks?

    Well neptune2venus has pretty much summed up my view on this, so I'll <a href="" target="_blank">contribute this</a> for amusement purposes.
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    I don't know, probably Zone of the Enders 2 or Panzer Dragoon Saga, two games I freaking love.
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    The Five Star Stories

    I picked it up and leafed through it in a comics store a couple of years ago, although I'm now kicking myself for not picking it up (Nagano goodness! Noooooooooooooooo!). So you might want to try that and search around the ones in your area. They were fairly large and flat books IIRC. Sorry...
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    Shadow the Hedgehog (PS2,GC,XBOX)

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> has it for £17.99 on both 'Cube and PS2, which is a reasonable enough price for a new game if you ask me. The Xbox ver is £25.99 on...
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    Funimation confront fansubbing

    I love the way people get het up about stuff like this. So Funi went after some series that have for the large part already finished? Fans got to see a fair chunk of these, right? Doesn't that give an incentive to buy the inevitable DVD release?
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Ide--oooon!! Must get back to watching that series.
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Please post a pic of it once it arrives!
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    Gungrave - Overdosed?

    I gave myself a case of RSI on the first game ('til I discovered the constant fire option - doh!), but yeah, it was great fun. I can remember getting some ridiculous combos in it - the other great thing being it was possible to look so cool to anyone watching by doing extremely little. I plan to...
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Both my Amazon and Otaku orders came today, so I now have the final SEED movie and artbox (it has a magnetic lid! How cool is that?!), and FMA v6 and box. Mangawise I have Jing: Twiight Tales v5, Samurai Deeper Kyo v11, Rurouni Kenshin v12, and Bastard!! v8.
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    08th MS Team: A recommendation by a Mecha Fanboy

    I can't really add to any of the comments above, so I'll just say Norris Packard's fights with Shiro rock and I want a Gouf Custom for Christmas. About the UC clip things: I thought they were pretty informative. I really liked the one about the Black Tri-Stars, and the explanation of Char's...
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    Bandai president discusses European ambitions

    That long? I first visited their site back in May last year! Surely it can't be difficult to get a couple of pages up to let people in their respective countries know that Beez is still interested in a market outside France?
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    Bandai president discusses European ambitions

    Maybe Bandai could help get their European coverage up a bit if Beez could get round to finishing the other parts of their website that aren't in French. It's been under construction since last year!
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    Wolf's Rain (on Rapture) discussion

    My parents are watching this too. Well, they're in the room at the time and have their attention focused on the TV, so I guess that counts. My Mum likes the ending theme - huzzah! I think my Dad likes it too, but I'll give it a few more episodes before I ask him what he thinks. Tsume has to...
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    Bandai president discusses European ambitions

    I find this interesting: Anyone have any idea how long Market Research takes for a company like Bandai? It's good news to hear about Gundam being a priority in the US (well, for me at least). Maybe they can finally get the rest of the UC sagas out over there...
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    Review: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

    WARNING! I have dispensed with spoiler tags for my comments! Fair enough. Yes, that could be one way of looking at it. But Kamille barely gives it a second thought. He really comes off as quite cold at that moment in that he is able to forget a person close to him (granted that it is...
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    Review: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

    Ok, so maybe I was a little off on the Reccoa thing (I still don't find it that convincing, but then, given Reccoa's personality...), but there are plenty more plot points that I found disjointed the flow of the series, or just seemed to be thrown in without a moments notice. It gets worse as...
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    ~The avatar thread~

    I've settled on a V2 Gundam avatar for the moment, nothing particlularly spctacular. Might use Masaki Murakami or another GaoGaiGar one next.
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    Review: Avenger

    This should be getting to me shortly as a late birthday present. It's not like you can pass an entire (new) series up for under £20!
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    MVM's massive boxset special offer

    Which was pretty much what I was going to do as I gradually replace them. I've got a couple of friends at Uni who should be appreciative of a few freebies!
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    2005 Guyver

    "Doctor! This one's still got some life left in him" "OK, Clear!" *buzzt* Ahem, well, we're up to the point where Sho lost his Guyver calling ability in the OAV. For anyone who is interested, much of this has been executed as it was before, right down to Fumio Fukamachi being turned into...