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    No Valkyria Chronicles 3 for you.

    (Old news) Looks like Sega japan are getting to keep all the cake to it self... Though I found VC2 inferior to VC with it's typically Japanese school setting and rehash of the original plot, VC 3 was looking good. :(
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    Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake

    Not strictly anime, but certainly related to Japan. Hope people are ok. Looks like only 1 reported death at the moment.
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    Dead Island

    WARNING! Good but harsh trailer.
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    Eden of the east: Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    I'm a GITS fan, would Eden of the east appeal to me? What do people think about it?
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    Deus Ex : Human Revolution PS3.. its GHOST IN THE SHELL!!

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    FF9 out on PSN...

    For anyone interested. I never played this on the PS, so i may pick it up once i've finished FF8 on the PSP.
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    Anyone got Critter Crunch?

    Its on special on PS3 this week from £4.49 to £2.39. The Anime style graphics and fun gameplay make for an addictive game, plus it has multiplayer too! Anyone else got the game? <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie"...
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    Any good mecha been out recently?

    I'm not a Gundam fan so anything else? Sub's or DVD.
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    Site issues this morning?

    Having issues with the site timing out this morning?
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    PS3 JRPG's What do people like?

    What's out there and what is any good? Some mini reviews would be nice ;) OK so we've had Final Fantasy XIII: not bought it yet but want to Eternal Sonata: Not sure haven't bought, put off by the setting Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope: not bought it yet Enchanted Arms: Played on...
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    Agarest anyone get it? Any good?

    Having read about it it looks seriously cheese, but is it actually any good?
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    Dragon age collectors edition Guide...

    I have scoured city centre manchester looking for it, but can't find it. Can't find it online, except people wanting more then retail price. Does any one know where i can find a copy? One guy on ebay want £84!!
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    Are CD wow legit??

    [links removed by mod] Whole series on 3 DVD and only £4.99 and £5.49. Those MUST be pirate!
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    Avatar... is it going to fill our trousers with joy?

    So do you think its going to be any good? The trailer looks good, but the whole, humans are BAD don't be BAD, be a nice tree hugger, thing is kind of getting forced down our throats...
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    I've recieved a second set of Patlabor 1 and 2 limited edition in the post from a well known dvd supplier. This would seem to be due to the first set getting sent and not getting checked out. Shall i be a good boy and send them back? Or shall i sell them?
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    How much damage is acceptable?

    I ordered Planetes from play and after quite a wait the order arrived in the usual brown jiffy bag. Now its not scrap, but the edge of the spine is slightly crushed, but then viewed directly from behind its fine. Am i being overly picky here or not?
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    Ebay counterfeits...

    Who here has ordered stuff on ebay then received a knock off? Just wondering, i ordered hellsing a few years back and got a counterfeit version, and i must admit i prefer it to the proper releases! The packaging is much better and the who series was on only three disks! What is...
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    Under appreciated? Last Exile.

    Having just finished re-watching this series on DVD i'm impressed with it. In fact i think i enjoyed it more this time than when i first watched it. For those who haven’t seen the series, Last Exile is a series following a courier pilot, Claus Valca and his navi, Lavie Head. The series has a...
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    Anime Demographic

    From Who buys anime? As far as i can tell the demographic is 15-45? year old, middle to low income. I don't know many who i would class as big earners who are interested. Most of those i know, probably 80% are in IT and other...
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    Planetes, been tempted for a long time.

    I've been looking at getting this series for a long time, has anyone watched it, if so what did you think?