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    Murder Mystery Anime Show Recommendations

    The solving of the mystery is what I used to like about Death Note, and it's the element in Danganronpa that caused me to pick it up. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend me any similar type shows? Thanks.
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    Ridiculously over-powered anime characters, worst offenders?

    So who are the worst offenders? For me one of the worst is Naruto, even some way out from the end of the show he's so over-powered it gets on your nerves. I know he is the hero & all but still. At least with someone like Luffy in One Piece he does get occasionally smacked down by others like he...
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    So are people still watching Doctor Who?

    Just wondering with all this talk of reduced viewing figures if people are still watching it? Though for a ten year old show, as it is since its resurrection, it seems too be doing not too bad in my books. There does seem to have been more of a decline this year. Could be a whole host of...
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    Shows That Have Taken You Forever To Get Through

    Not because of length but more because you keep picking them up & dropping them again. I've had a few shows over the years that have taken me ages to watch, often I end up finishing them through sheer bloody mindness that I will get through this show. They aren't quite bad enough to give up on...
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    Evangelion Creator Hideaki Anno Foresees End of Anime

    Well he's certainly full of doom. ... ime-444306
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    Starz Sells Manga Entertainment

    Breaking on ANN. Doesn't actually say at the moment who to. ... ent/.85400
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    Season 8 Doctor Who trailer

    Well Capaldi looks like he's going to be a very different Doctor than of late.
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    Which anime title do you regret buying most in 2013?

    For me it would have to be King of Thorn, I purchased it expecting an interesting sci-fi tale instead I got something that was nearly ninety percent endless run around whose twists were nearly all so heavily signposted that it would take something to miss them. Plus the animation wasn't all that...
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    One Piece questions

    Was too worried about catching spoilers by accident online to look these up so I thought I would ask these here. I know there is a jump in the storyline of two years where the characters get new looks afterwards but which episode number does this occur at? How many episodes of One Piece on...
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    Btooom! Good, bad or indifferent?

    This show sounds a bit like SAO crossed with Battle Royale & has attracted some rather mixed views, especially over some of its content, though it gets some praise for character development. So was just wondering is it worth picking up?
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    Do you think the third Berserk film will be cut by the BBFC?

    Looking at this article you have to wonder if the BBFC will be at with the scissors? ... rserk-film
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    Question about Bleach

    I have yet to be able to get past the first eight episodes of Bleach because the pacing seems rather off about them and the characters don't engage. What I wanted to ask is does pacing pick up on season one and does the characterisation change. Is season one typical of the show or not?
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    Shiki any good?

    I always keep out for horror anime but this seems to have passed me by. Just recently seen a trailer for it & it looks quite intriguing. So I was just wondering if it was worth a watch?
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    Prepare to be filtered

    Web filters will go further than adult content, says Open Rights Group. ... group.html
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    US Vs UK release of Roberta's Blood Trail

    Though we still don't know when this is coming out in the UK the US release has now appeared. I just wondered which is likely to be better, with all the recent issues with UK releases would it be safer to buy the US release?
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    Pacific Rim

    A huge amount of info on the link. ... nd-images/
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    News U.S. VP Biden: No Legal Issue With Taxing Violent Media

    Absolutely nothing to do with raising more money to pay off the debit that they are looking at this. ... es-6408294
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    Ruin Explorers worth getting?

    Spotted this on UP & I am always interested in older anime shows but isn't one that I am personally that knowledgeable on so I was wondering if it was worth a purchase for anyone who has seen it?
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    Ray Harryhausen has died

    Very sad news as he was true original.
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    Would any of the main TV channels show anime series now?

    Though some anime films do turn up now and again you do not see any anime shows appearing these days. I would have thought maybe a channel like Four could still find a place for some of the shows licensed for the UK to fill a gap in the late night schedules as they used to do back in the nineties.